Day 3: More Goodies from Oregon

I just finished slogging through Day 9 of shooting.  Since it was another grey day, I decided to cover the area of Washington with the least amount of stuff on my list:  remote Northwest Washington.  Tomorrow, more of the same is expected — along with rain.  So, I’ll stall a bit more before moving onto Seattle — unless the forecast is wrong and we do get sun.  Tuesday and the rest of the trip should be all day sun.

But let’s go back in time since I’m too exhausted to go shoot neon tonight around the Tacoma area.  Moving back to Day 3 — coastal stuff and just shy of Portland.  Let’s start with this statue at the Lil Sambo’s (no relation to the Sambo’s restaurant chain) in Lincoln City:


A former gas station in Otis:


From Mt. Angel.  Too bad the neon is gone.  Maybe there was another name before Tiny’s?


Some signs from Salem.  There was probably some nice detail on the panels originally that has been painted over:


This one at Fitts Seafoods has me confused.  I assumed it was a modern sign but the sides of the “can” look old (cobwebs & rust).  So, I’m assuming this was just repainted & refurbished at some point:


I believe this replica sign was installed just this year:

Here’s a vintage photo:


Still keeping time, still in business:


Moving on to Milwaukie for a very rare former Taco Bell with an intact fire pit:


In Gresham — the Polar King with a homespun wooden sign.  Is that a bear or a mouse?


This Elks Lodge sign is in Hood River.  The top piece with the 11 o’clock toast & elk is backlit plastic and appears to be original to the sign.  Probably from the 1960s:


The rest of the photos for this post were taken in The Dalles. This is the lesser photographed sign at the Oregon Motor Hotel.  A now rare former neon diver (indicating that the place had a pool):


At the Masonic Lodge:


The big and exciting news is that a new sign museum will hopefully be opening in The Dalles in a couple of years.  More about the project here:


Last one for this post — the name “Griffith” has been removed above “Motor” — but otherwise, I’m very glad to see that this sign corner is still there.  Here’s my photo from 2008:


More soon,

dj & the tuckered out dogs

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