Day 2 in Southwest Oregon

It’s Day 8 here but I have run into some crappy grey and rainy weather here.  I thought the end of July would be a safe time to get sunny shots here in the PacNorthWest — but evidently not.  It’s Saturday morning and it looks like the entire state won’t get sun until Tuesday.  I’m pouting and miserable.  So, it looks like a good time to get caught up on some blogging.

From Coquille — the Coquille Valley Bowling Center:


This fabrics place in Springfield is still open:


Also in Springfield:


This clock sign in Eugene originally advertised for Woody’s Drive-in:


One more sign from Eugene.  This one appears to be from the 1960s and featured Willie Wiredhand:



From Sweet Home.  A former O.K. Tire Store sign repurposed for a feed store:

Off to prep for Day 3’s blog batch,


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