Vegas, Baby (Day 1 of 3)

I took advantage of the three-day Memorial Day weekend and got out of California for a bit.  I was up until midnight shooting neon in Vegas so I didn’t do any blogging or Flickring afterwards.  Then, after 100 degree plus heat all day on Sunday, I was absolutely drained & didn’t do my “homework” then either.  Monday, even though I left for home early in the day, I was stuck in traffic for 7 hours.  That did me in.  So, I’ve pretty much decided to start doing the Flickr & blog thing from home on future trips from now on.  Sure, it doesn’t have the excitement of “day-of” uploading — but it would really be nice to sleep & possibly meet some folks while I’m on the road.

Anyway — let’s get rolling since I have to catch up on three days of picture-taking.  Saturday was crappy-grey most of the day.  I’ve plucked some photos for this post which were not as dismal as the rest.  Luckily, Sunday and Monday were gorgeous full sun to make up for it.

This super tall sign is visible from the interstate in Yermo, CA — but points to nothing:



The long abandoned Roadrunner’s Retreat is located in the middle of nowhere desert in East Amboy.  There are still a couple of signs & buildings left.  I don’t know if there was a motel component at one time.



The cafe is in the background of this former gas station:



This one is from Boulder City, NV.  It was previously Nevada Drug — now a realtor down below.  But it appears they restored and are keeping the sign.  Here’s an older photo of the sign:



This sign is in Henderson, NV.  It’s massive — maybe 25 feet tall.  I saw another one of this same style in Vegas but it was maybe half the size:



Also from Henderson.  Love the Wild West font style:



From Jean, NV.  I don’t know if this awesome sign is “authentic” or a reproduction.  Great either way:



On to Vegas now for the rest of this post.  A fun modern sign:



Another great modern sign at a big beer distributor.  Huge — at least 30 feet tall:



One more modern sign (not to worry — lots of vintage stuff tomorrow).  Huge & great animation.


Here’s a quickie video I shot of this sign:

I’ll get a post with some Sunday photos up tomorrow.  In the meantime, there are other photos from today over at Flickr here:


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