Vegas, Baby (Day 2 of 3)

Ready for Round Two of this Vegas trip?  Let’s skip the chat & get right to it.  You can assume all these beauties are from Vegas unless I say otherwise:








I’m not sure this one is vintage.  The design seems a little off to me:





This one’s a killer.  Those little neon stars on the right take my breath away.  Surely, they were lit sequentially once upon a time:







I hit this water kiosk and many others on this trip.  The dogs could only run for about 10 minutes in this heat.  Then, I’d have to douse them with the water jugs.  Lots of irritating stickers in their feet, too.  Nice to come home to fog on Monday afternoon!



This one would have had neon originally:



Another wondrous sign with stars.  Sparkle says “hi” — peeking in at the bottom of this photo.  372,700 miles and running just fine despite the abuse of this trip:



This sign was originally at the Silver Slipper Hotel & Casino in Vegas — moved about 100 miles away here to Beatty:



Back in Vegas — the light was not right but here it is:



I believe this is the last of these vintage signs:



And last stop for this post — at the Gold Strike Casino in Jean.  This is one of two statues that were originally part of the Lucky Strike Club sign in Vegas:



I’ll get the final day’s post off to you tonight or tomorrow.

dj & the dogs


7 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby (Day 2 of 3)

  1. I love the neon stars on the U.S. and Strip 91! There’s something about neon stars that really gets me. 🙂

    That turquoise Saloon one is intriguing. It almost seems like a mashup and/or as if something is missing, maybe from the top? It is a little odd.

    • The Sahara Saloon sign is pretty awesome at night:
      "Sahara Saloon"

      I can’t find any history or photos about the sign. It sounds like the place has been opened since the early 1970s. So it’s possible this sign was built retro-y then.

    • It’s pretty foggy here at home, too — for which I’m grateful. I don’t know how people live in the desert. I guess you just stay indoors most of the time. Doesn’t seem like a fun way too live for humans or canines.

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