More “Winter” Photos… from Orange County & the Inland Empire

Back home and fueled with caffeine.  I think I can knock out this wrap-up post from this weekend.

Seasons Greetings from the Abominable Snowman in Huntington Beach!  This guy was inside someone’s front window.   I shot this just as the sun was coming up en route to the beach — so I got some palm tree reflections.



From Santa Ana.  This one’s been on my list for a while.  This is a tile floor entrance — no longer a shoe store — but, miraculously, this survives and is in great shape:



From Riverside.  Followers of my blog may remember my photo of this sign from August:


I was then tipped off my one of my readers, Monika, that it had been repainted just a couple of weeks after that photo.  I got a chance to see it today and was pretty unimpressed.  Apparently, they just slathered the paint over the rough spots — and the paint is peeling already.  It looks like the “i” in Pizza is also broken:



From Perris.  The was previously the Chief Theatre — and maybe something else before that.  This blue paint job is from around 2010.  Here’s a nice night photo:

This theatre is a twin to the former Tower Theatre in Dinuba, CA.  Here’s my photo of that one:

So, this theatre must also be the work of S. Charles Lee and built around 1940.  I’m pretty sure Mr. Lee would have something to say about that siding on the tower!



I took a drive out to remote Winchester to see if John Cerney’s painted signs were still there at West Coast Turf.   John wasn’t sure.  He said that the signs had taken quite a battering from the sprinklers and that he was supposed to go repair them but they never called him back.  I managed to find them — back behind the building.  Propped up and damaged — but it was still fun to see them.

This is what the sign below used to look like (the only photo I could find) and evidently there’s a couple of people missing now:


And here’s an article about these soccer player signs —



On to San Bernardino — where annoying clouds moved in.  A nifty spinner sign which I’m assuming doesn’t work anymore.  It most likely worked like this one at the Cherokee Trading Post in Budd Lake, NJ — from my YouTube videos:



I was tipped off about this place at Charles Phoenix’s “Architecture in L.A.” show.  The letters rock back and forth but the owner doesn’t turn the sign on any more:



A couple more signs from San Bernardino:




And lastly — I’ll throw this photo in since I haven’t put any doggie pix up in a while.  This photo was taken at home in Ventura of me & the “kids” by a stranger with her iPhone.  This time of year, I’m racing after work to get to the beach just as the sun is going down.  There are lots of other sunset gawkers there with their iPhones and beach chairs — but usually they don’t go down to the water and we have the beach to ourselves:



And don’t forget — more photos from this weekend over at Flickr:

I hope you all have great holidays!

Debra Jane
Grem, Griz, Fix & Nik

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