More from L.A. (Day 2)

The days are so ridiculously short right now.  The sun is up around 6:30, a tad early.   But by 9:30, it’s straight up in the sky like it’s noon.  Around 3 pm, the sun starts to wane already and by 4 pm my photos take on a sickly yellow hue.   I don’t remember it getting this dark this early in NYC.  Is L.A. further from the sun this time of year than NY?  What it boils down to is maybe 40 or 50 less shots per day than I’m used to.  But L.A. and I are not going anywhere, so what’s the rush?

Let’s start with Mike’s Liquor in South El Monte:

Lady Liberty from downtown El Monte:

On to Los Angeles proper.  Every once in a while, despite the fact that it was in the mid-70s today, there are little reminders of fall.  I guess L.A. does get seasons and fall colors after all.  Yet, just behind these trees were ferns and weird pine shrub-y things that you’d never see in the Northeast.  Or at least not in November.  To my knowledge.

Random fun vehicle.  Parked in someone’s driveway.  The label in back said it was an Electra King produced in Long Beach.  So I did my research — and, based on the palms, the garage doors, etc.,  I think the car shown in this article is the very same one!

I believe the Good Luck Bar sign is contemporary — but awful nice:

A couple swell signs from the Royal Viking Motel — which is on a corner so it needs signs for both sides of the street:

A wonderful bus shelter poster.

OK.  Public service announcement.  Please, please, if you’re thinking of getting a dog — or a friend or family member is or even a mere acquaintance or stranger — please adopt or encourage others to do so.  Don’t buy some cute puppy wuppy from a breeder.   We don’t need to be making more when we’re killing billions of wonderful dogs each day. Wonderful dogs like mine — who got very, very lucky to get a home.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

There are taco trucks everywhere in L.A.  I’ve been tempted at times to pull over to get a burrito sometimes  —  but I just haven’t gotten the courage yet.  Could they really be any less sanitary than a walk-up stand is?  Probably not.

I love this painted taco truck simulation.  Note how the windows and the awning fit perfectly:

One more for the day — see that evil end-of-the-day yellow, almost pink color coming through?  It looks like this one probably had an animated pestle.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  I’m sure your holiday was a lot more traditional than mine.  More mañana.

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