More from L.A. (Day 3)

Just another gorgeous day here in paradise.  10 minutes of fog in Pico Rivera was kinda shocking.  Highs in the low 80s and I even turned the A/C on for about an hour for the panting dogs.  That was also shocking — that the A/C still works!  (regular followers of my blog know what I’ve been through with that)

A real sign fest for you tonight.  Let’s start with East L.A.:

Also East Los Angeles — an adapted Jim’s Burgers sign:

From Whittier.  Merle West has moved, leaving this sign behind.  The building is vacant & work is going on.  Not feeling good about the future of this sign:

Also Whittier.  I’m a sucker for shish-kabob signs (at least that’s what I call them:  spears with shapes on them):

Five Stars Liquor is or was apparently a chain.  This sign is in Bellflower:

Also in Bellflower.  Boo’s sells windows & floor coverings — so, maybe this sign advertised for another business originally?  But those bulb-filled letters look pretty vintage:

Another shot from Bellflower.  I’m assuming this building was used for something fancier before the carpet store.  Maybe a restaurant?

Also Bellflower.  The construction of a Zen Monastery.  I love all the wood framing:


From Long Beach, evidently.  I didn’t even know I was THAT far south today:


From Lakewood.   Hmm.  The old Shakey’s signs read “Ye Public House” — and this one says “Ye Olde Publick House”.  Is there a standard that I don’t know about for “public house” pizzerias?  Or did these guys just copy Shakey’s?  Or is it just a fancy way of saying that they serve beer?  And what are they covering up with that plastic?


Back in Bellflower:


I stopped at Bellflower Bagels to shoot the giant donut sign — here’s a shot I took from a few years ago (it still looks the same):

And while there, I decided to give their bagels a try.  I could tell they were the typical soft California version.  I have tried the Einstein’s and the Noah’s and the Jacks’ Famous and even the Von’s.  Just nothing like NYC bagels at all.  So there was no sense getting poppy or sesame and then complaining about it.  I went with the cranberry.  Which I was hoping was more tart than sweet.  But it was pretty sweet.  And tiny.  But not bad either.  The cream cheese helped.


Still Bellflower:


From Maywood.   This sign stands on a fenced vacant lot.  But a vinyl sign attached to the fence said “New Primo Burger Coming Soon”.  I don’t know how long they’ve been promising that.


Last sampling for the night from downtown.  I swung by Phillipe the Original for some night photos.  This clock sign is inside the restaurant.  I don’t know how vintage the neon is but the clock face appears to be old:


And outside by the parking lot:


So, another day or two to play down here before I head back to Ventura (depends on the interview situation).   More photos for you tonight.  And, don’t forget, if you’re not following along at Flickr, you’re missing half the photo-samplings from this trip:

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