More from L.A. (Day 1)

I wish I had good news to share about the job situation.  Soon.  Maybe.  I decided to make the most of this Thanksgiving holiday weekend situation and spend a few days taking photos in the L.A. area.  I’ve been so frugal for the past month that I think I’m entitled to blow some money on gas.

This one fell through the cracks from the last blog post.  I might as well add it to this batch.  From Sun Valley:


Ladin’s is a two-fer in Canoga Park:


If you’ve spent any amount of time in the L.A. area — you’ll know from these clues alone that this is a car wash.  This is the Mission Car Wash in San Fernando.  For lots of other examples, I’ve got a page here:


Wild sculptured trees in Montrose:

Also Montrose:


The former Piller’s Clothing Store in Eagle Rock:

The building was adapted by RennArts — the Renaissance Arts Academy charter school:

Across the street from Piller’s:

Also Eagle Rock:


I was thinking this must have been some deco/modern department store in Pasadena.  But everything online says this was built for Ross and fairly recently:


Roses blooming — all over the place — in late November — not something I’m used to!


A couple of next-door-neighbor signs in Pasadena:

This was the shady side — the sunny side has far less neon and you couldn’t make out the Reddy Kilowatt figure:


Still in Pasadena:


From San Gabriel — a former Lodge Coffee Shop?


Another from San Gabriel.  Does anybody know what business name (or shopping center name) was perched on top of this giant steel base?


The last one for the night — from Monrovia.  From the bright yellow porcelain enamel at the top of the sign, we can assume the entire boomerang arrow was that color originally:

More tomorrow night…  very tired driver & dogs tonight.


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