Day 27: Moving On

The dogs and I spent about half the day in Wyoming — and then we moved on to South Dakota.  I feel very sad leaving Wyoming officially with that little doggie probably still wandering around somewhere.  My friend Sue (post a few nights ago) was giving a seminar in Cody just north of there and even stopped to see if she could find him.  No trace of him.  I’ll keep calling the cops every few days for a while but it sounds like this will forever remain a mystery.  He’s so wonderfully cute and I’m still pretty much heartbroken and just plain down about it.

My dogs are all doing splendidly.  They have the routine down now and are sacked out a good part of the day.  Grem’s recall has improved SO much since last year.  She now hops out, looks for prairie dogs or rabbits and then pretty much comes to me waiting for me to throw a ball so she can earn some sausage or cheese.  Fixie got her front feet bit by fire ants yesterday and licked her feet for about 20 minutes.  She now checks the landscaping before she’s willing to jump out of the van.  I always leave the door wide open so she can make the decision.

The weather has gotten about 20 degrees cooler in the past couple days which is a big relief.  And today, it seems like we’ve finally left the hazy forest fires or brush fires behind.  Lots of gorgeous clouds — the type that make photos prettier rather than interfering with the sun.

Let’s start with Dayton, WY:



Moving on to Sheridan.  This one is gorgeous at night:


I’ve never seen bulbs arranged in a rectangle like this before:



Fun stuff!  Probably so against sign & building codes in most cities:



Still in Sheridan:


A couple of signs from Moorcroft:


This one has been crudely painted to represent the Devils Tower National Monument.  I have no idea what this sign originally looked like — or if the name has been changed.  The shape is quite similar to the Pierce Cleaners sign in Columbus, OH:



From Sundance, WY.  A single-sided sign with the sun directly behind it forced this funky angle:



And finally — on to  South Dakota.  I’ve had better light shooting this sign — but here was today’s sun/shadow problem.  But with the back in the shade, I was able to shoot this video to show the way the animated bubbles work.  I don’t know what that irritating click/click/click in the background is.  I’m not doing anything but it seems to happen on all of my videos.  Maybe time to get familiar with the real video camera and stop relying on Dee’s video function:



A couple more signs from Spearfish — this one refurbished recently:



Neon, plastic, bulbs — and a yes/no –>  this one’s got it all:



Onward — to Deadwood:



Such a strange design — probably not “Penny” originally — and who knows what the bottom looked like:



A novel use of a dead tree — Flowers by Rose in Sturgis:



While in Sturgis, I went over to the Full Throttle Saloon to get the Muffler Man in better light.  You might be familiar with the place from the TV show?

The place was quiet — not the usual crazy busy biker scene.  So I wandered a bit and discovered some signs:



Finally, caught up to where we are calling it quits for the night — Rapid City.  I was shocked and disappointed to find the Rapid City Laundry building vacant and this sign was missing:


Apparently, the business closed around 2010 & the owners took the signs with them:

While the article said the sign is believed to be from the 1930s — I think that only the text part is from around then.  The washer woman part appears to be from the 1950s.  This plastic sign remains — with a reminder of what the neon sign looked like:



Let’s close out with a couple of night shots:



Unless there are complications, we’ll probably be in South Dakota about a day and a half more.  Most of the stops will be hugging I-90 as we slowly work our way eastward towards home.



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