Day 21: Challenges in Colorado

So, we’re not quite through with Colorado.  There were lots of delays today.  Up in the mountains — all kinds of nonsense with those one-lane-only, follow the pilot car affairs where you’d turn off the engine and wait.  And wait.  Like a half hour.  It happened to me about four times and I wanted to cry and scream.  I tried to doze but it was difficult because you were sure any minute now the person would flip the “stop” to “slow” sign around and you’d get blasted by a horn from the car behind you.

Then more traffic headaches on the interstates since it was Friday getaway day.  Started in the afternoon and crawled on I-25.  Side roads were no better with tons of traffic and lights.  The weather was pretty crummy as well.  Sorta sunny in the afternoon.  Nice sun when I was sitting doing nothing, of course.

And then to compound my fairly miserable mood, I got a few emails from needy, pissy people regarding Flickr & my website.  Really made me question why I’m doing all this.  I could be just hanging out with my dogs & reading or watching TV or going off to shoot neon signs at night.  But I’m saddled with this self-imposed homework of cropping, tweaking, writing, uploading…  I’ll stick it out for this trip.  And mull it over about next year’s trips.  I’m toying with the idea of using the blog for some other purpose — like a once in a while more composed & coherent sort of thing.  I’m sure I have a few fans that like tagging along for these nightly posts but really.  I’ve done this for five years now and maybe enough is enough.  Time to do something different?  Or maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.

Onward.  Let’s start with a sign from Leadville.  There was a nice sign right next to this one that’s gone now — so take those trips & see/shoot them while you can folks!


Also Leadville.  Sign-lovers know from that doo-hickey scaffolding on the roof that there was a hanging sign here previously.  I don’t know what it looked like:


A downer from Idaho Springs.  The King’s Derby — a landmark with locals and tourists — has been closed at least a year — with the name blanked out.  Here’s what it used to look like:



Also Idaho Springs.  Another nice example of a “sequin sign” — as described earlier in this trip at this post:



And last one for the night (hey, I know this was a short one but I did two posts tonight) — from Greeley where we stopped for the day.  I think the rainbow is a nice optimistic way to end it — better luck tomorrow, hopefully some sun and less traffic tie-ups.



We’ll make it to Wyoming tomorrow for sure!  I think it’ll be flat for a while which I’m really looking forward to.  These countless mountain passes for the past week or more have made me a wreck.


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