Day 22: Welcome to Wyoming!

Wyoming gave us quite a greeting:  the weather was changing every five minutes.   Winds, dust, rain, clouds, sun, hot, cold, and repeat.  And mix-it-up, repeat.  I really got to know Cheyenne well as I raced from one end of town to another — just missing the sun, waiting & then getting one of two shots in before it would start raining.  It was just crazy and time-consuming.  But I’m glad I stuck around and got things done right.  I have about a week to do my Wyoming list which doesn’t seem all that thick compared to the one from Colorado.  But I’m sure there will be traffic, weather, mountains, & distances that will get in the way.

The day started with finishing up in Colorado.  There, it was pretty miserable and grey.  But I had no time to wait it out — just had to shoot what I could with the weather I had and will have to make it up one day with sunny shots.

Let’s start with some stuff from Greeley, CO where the day began:


This one was lit last night — but I shamefully did not shoot it.  A beautiful turquoise.  I was just. so.  tired:


The store below this sign is now unrelated.  I assume the sign advertised for a photography studio:


This used car lot has a variation of the “bulb stick” — the red angled metal projects towards the street — now mostly holes where the bulbs would have been:


Now on to Wyoming — starting with Pine Bluffs:


I always visit this abandoned truck stop when I’m there.  Nothing has changed in forever.  The Valentine diner (not shown) is still there — quite a mess inside.


Today was a good day to stop at this place:  Mel Gould’s Buryville in Cheyenne.  All the whirlagigs were spinning like mad in the wind.  More about this place here:




I know I posted a hellish map the other night from Denver.  For contrast, here’s a much more manageable one for Cheyenne.  I’m happy to be in smaller cities for a while.  Must remember to schedule bigger cities first if I have a choice efficiently so that I have the energy for them.  Better to taper down the insanity as the trip progresses:



On to Cheyenne.  An interesting building — looks like maybe a restaurant before it was a liquor store?  Strange alignment of the roof with the walls — I suspect a lot of altering took place:



Another oddball — with nicely done faux castle paint job:



From Wyoming Adventure Mini Golf — a simulation of Devil’s Tower National Monument:





And a whole bunch of fun signs from Cheyenne:




A former drive-in restaurant — still there on a used car dealer’s lot:



At a closed liquor store —



Now a fireworks stand on the lot.  I don’t know the original business for this lightning bolt sign:



Sorry to see that a lot of the neon for the Lincoln Popcorn Palace (yes, it’s official icky name)  was not working.  Maybe there was a recent hail storm or something:



OK — westward at the crack of dawn in the morning — on to more southern Wyoming.  The forecast is for all day sun. We’ve still got 15 more days left on this journey.  The dogs and I have settled into a groove now.  But 15 days will certainly be enough!


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