Day 20: Catching Up (Utah)

OK, let’s go back in time to yesterday.  Then I’ll go away for a couple of hours & prep today’s photos for Flickr & the Day 21 blog post.

Most of the day was pleasantly consumed visiting my friend, Sue, in Utah.

I’ve known her for maybe 15 years but have fallen out of touch since I dropped my agility obsession for this roadside obsession.  Sue Sternberg is a hero, god, inspiration, saint — in the world of dog rescue, behavior, and training.  She’s also gone out on a limb and been controversial at times which has pissed off a lot of people and made some enemies.  Which only makes her more of a heroine because she will always stand up for what’s right and based upon experience.  She deeply cares about ALL dogs and has spent a lifetime studying them and helping people understand and train them.  She’s also incredibly funny.  If she’s ever presenting a lecture or playing the fiddle anywhere near you, you must GO.  Her latest project, Train-to-Adopt™, will mean thousands or millions of more dogs will find good homes.

And here’s a typical little training video of Sue working with a random shelter dog at a seminar — showing what positive dog training is all about — and the power of cheese!!  (love you Sue!)

And here’s Sparkle loaded up with my guys and two of Sue’s four dogs.  The big ones are hers — but you knew that.   This was after a big hikie — so their tongues were down to their knees.  It was h-o-t:


I did manage to sneak in some shooting afterwards.  I went down to Blanding for a few things — some signs & a Dinosaur Museum.  I’d seen photos of some incredibly detailed dinosaur models — that was enough reason for me.  There were little ones and big ones — the museum founded by the artist and author himself, Steven Czerkas.   Here’s a cute feathery pair of small dinos:

But the place is so much more than just statues.  There’s a big pop culture collection with all things dinosaurian:  comic books, ceramics & plastics, movie posters, etc.

I’d say well worth the schlepp to Blanding if you’re anywhere nearby:


A couple of signs from Blanding — my bet is “DORMS” read “MOTEL” originally (the right number of blocks) — and who knows what the original name was.  What turns me on are the descending triangles going from itty-bitty to big.  Weather was changing her as you can see.  From so-so to worse:

A former drive-in in Blanding:


About the only decent vintage sign in situ in Moab (there are two nice neon signs on display at Hole N’ the Rock):


Got a little bit of sun in Green River before things got really nasty — so the rest of tonight’s Utah post is from there:


Much to admire at Ben’s:



A chubby arrow — most likely reworked for Ray’s:



An example of what I call a “bulb stick” a day or two ago in a previous post:


And last one for the night, from Green River, this sign was built from an airplane wing:

OK — going away now to work on tonight’s photos for Flickr & blog post Part II from Colorado.

11 thoughts on “Day 20: Catching Up (Utah)

  1. Yes, that block sign in Blanding did read Motel. You can see it here:
    Cliff Palace Motel - Blanding, Utah

    The Apache motel sign has been reworked quite a bit since its original form. It once had lots of neon.
    Apache Motel - Moab, Utah

    That sign to the side that says heated pool said AAA about 2 years ago.

    There is also another sign on Main Street for the Apache
    Apache Motel - Moab, Utah

  2. ..
    Her latest project, Train-to-Adopt™,

    It’s freaking genius and giving dogs a fighting chance…

    great, now I’m addicted to Sue Sternberg videos lol!

    oh and another fab group this evening!
    These pictures tell stories!

    • I can’t say enough about Sue. She’s a genius, hilarious, caring, dedicated… When it comes to shopping for a dog, all people have to see is a few tricks and polite greeting manners — and they’re ready to sign the paperwork to adopt.

      Glad you are enjoying my photos and posts. Your praise helps me deal with the crappy creepy emails I get from folks sometimes. Chin up, sun up — ready for more madness today.

  3. wow thanks for sue’s dog behavior links… glad you had off road time hikin the great outdoors…and still managed to get some great pics of signs/architecture…

  4. The airplane wing Premium Oil Co. sign is splendid.

    Forget the fussbudgets and do what you enjoy doing. I get a kick out of both your Flickr and blog posts. Where you and Sparkle go, I’ll enjoy seeing and reading about it.

    Safe journey! Barbara

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