Day 29: Tackling Tucson

Today!  Yes, I WILL catch up tonight.   A glitch-free day, hot but not so hot as the past few days.  A/C working just fine but barely on interstates.  I think this might have been some kind of record breaker for me.  I managed to do Tucson just about in entirety.  Plus a bunch of night shots which really means hardly any sleep tonight what with my homework.

Today started in Casa Grande so here’s a cute bar sign:

The place also has a neat painted wall sign — note the wooden door effect (if you’re new to this blog, clicking on the photos opens a larger sized photo):


I usually don’t shoot inflatables — but this guy at a car dealership intrigued and terrified me:


Off for some remote stuff — this one in Mammoth — Barbara’s Drive-in which is long-gone.  This photo shows the other side which reveals that blob in the center to be a hamburger:


And on to Tucson for the remainder of the day and this blog.  I never noticed this painted sign behind the Casa Molina restaurant:


The Quail Inn has a traditional neon sign…


… and this thing which I’ve never seen before.  A freestanding, brick glass Vacancy / No Vacancy sign.  I drove by later and saw that it was dark.  So either they had no vacancies or, I suspect, it isn’t lit / used any more:


In the interest of getting a couple of hours sleep tonight — let’s just let these signs roll without any commentary from me.  I don’t know why my blog posts and Flickr photos have been so heavily-weighted towards signs.  Maybe just more of them and not-so-interesting buildings?


This one has me puzzled — KY like Kentucky?  Or an abbreviation for something else?


Something tells me this motel is not all that paradise-like.  But love their sign just the same.  Funky or fancy signs — all good in my opinion!


And last one for the night —


So THERE!  I did it!!  Back on track with these blog posts & Flickr uploads.   No more socializing nights off for me on this trip that’s for sure!   Just too overwhelming to catch up.

Tomorrow — just a tiny bit more of Tucson and then moving on to Bisbee, Benson and all that.

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