Day 29: Tackling Tucson

Today!  Yes, I WILL catch up tonight.   A glitch-free day, hot but not so hot as the past few days.  A/C working just fine but barely on interstates.  I think this might have been some kind of record breaker for me.  I managed to do Tucson just about in entirety.  Plus a bunch of night shots which really means hardly any sleep tonight what with my homework.

Today started in Casa Grande so here’s a cute bar sign:

The place also has a neat painted wall sign — note the wooden door effect (if you’re new to this blog, clicking on the photos opens a larger sized photo):


I usually don’t shoot inflatables — but this guy at a car dealership intrigued and terrified me:


Off for some remote stuff — this one in Mammoth — Barbara’s Drive-in which is long-gone.  This photo shows the other side which reveals that blob in the center to be a hamburger:


And on to Tucson for the remainder of the day and this blog.  I never noticed this painted sign behind the Casa Molina restaurant:


The Quail Inn has a traditional neon sign…


… and this thing which I’ve never seen before.  A freestanding, brick glass Vacancy / No Vacancy sign.  I drove by later and saw that it was dark.  So either they had no vacancies or, I suspect, it isn’t lit / used any more:


In the interest of getting a couple of hours sleep tonight — let’s just let these signs roll without any commentary from me.  I don’t know why my blog posts and Flickr photos have been so heavily-weighted towards signs.  Maybe just more of them and not-so-interesting buildings?


This one has me puzzled — KY like Kentucky?  Or an abbreviation for something else?


Something tells me this motel is not all that paradise-like.  But love their sign just the same.  Funky or fancy signs — all good in my opinion!


And last one for the night —


So THERE!  I did it!!  Back on track with these blog posts & Flickr uploads.   No more socializing nights off for me on this trip that’s for sure!   Just too overwhelming to catch up.

Tomorrow — just a tiny bit more of Tucson and then moving on to Bisbee, Benson and all that.

14 thoughts on “Day 29: Tackling Tucson

  1. hope you can grab some good mexican food in tucson. my great aunt and my cousin took me to this little restaurant in the old part of town. not expensive or fancy but really REALLY yummy.

    • Probably leaving Tucson by 9am. But I will try to find more Mexican food. The gas station bean & cheese burritos are pretty damn good. But the food is so heavy when you’re used to fruit and salads. Looking forward feeling & eating healthier again when I get home.

      • the mexican i had in tucson wasn’t heavy at all…. it was rice and beans i think. it sort of makes my mouth water cause i till remember how delicious it was.

        i will send good food vibes to you. more pics of food please — and always the doggies. love that.

        blech on the fruit and salads! bah humbug!

  2. I usually don’t shoot inflatables — but this guy at a car dealership intrigued and terrified me:

    he kind of looks like an old time cement figure…well more than most inflatables

    Very well framed shots… as usual

  3. Arizona has been very good to you! Blue skies, neon cactus, A/C working fine, and a warning instead of a ticket. So glad things are going your way.

    This weekend there will be lots of speed traps: Memorial Day, beginning of summer, and all that.

    • Yeah, I’m taking it easy on the speeding most of the time. Not leading the pack anyway. This trip has been expensive enough — I’d like to come home ticketless for a change. My AZ luck ran out today — another trip to the garage — details to follow. But the sun keeps on a shining!

    • Oh — that’s good then! I guess maybe they were all booked up on a Thursday night — and had the light off. Maybe they were busy for Memorial Day weekend already.

  4. Dyn-O-Mite! Let that one word express the great signs,restored & otherwise of the last couple of days.

    My 2 cents on the Lucky Wishbone sign. I don’t think your video was “lousy”. What I see as a problem was the lens flare caused by the streetlight.Are you using the hood that came with your lens? If not, it may have been a help in this case. Also, if you would have moved slightly to the right , but…What the heck, the still shot is excellent, & the video ain’t bad. IMHO, your mileage may vary.

    Dang it, back in the shop. Well, we’ll hear about it later, so you said.

    • I tried moving at different angles from the streetlight — always interfered. I didn’t try the lens hood — I do have it with me in the camera bag but never use it. Might think of it next time if ever in that situation. Thanks.

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