Day 28: West and South of Phoenix

Lots of highway driving today (actually yesterday since I’m still a day behind).  Which felt good after the crazy city driving — traffic and lights, crazy parking on sidewalks, etc.   The heat continues.  In the mid-afternoon, I turned on the A/C and all was well.  But then — I noticed on the highway that at about 55 mph, the A/C all but stops working.  So I called up the Firestone in Albuquerque where it was worked about a week ago.  And I stopped at a Firestone in Yuma.  One said it was most likely a blower motor — the other said it was probably a vacuum canister.   Either way, a big project.  But since the temps have dropped from 105 to a mere 95 — and I’m back to driving in stop and go traffic (small towns and Tucson), the A/C is working well.  I’ll just take this A/C thing a day at a time and see if I can limp home & get it repaired there.  I just dread the thought of sitting and losing a day’s worth of shooting.  Folks took cross-country roadtrips without A/C — so I should just suck it up and keep driving.  But if I see my companions tongues out for an extended period of time, I’ll have to stop and deal.

Let’s get to the photos because I’m falling asleep as I’m typing and I haven’t even started working on today’s photos.  These two are from Wickenburg:




Up into the mountains to Prescott.  I got pulled over for speeding on the only 50 foot straightaway there in the middle of nowhere.  Complete speed trap.  But got off with only a warning.  No tickets yet!  I hate this mountain driving thing — takes for-ev-er and I worry about getting stranded.  But sometimes, it’s the only possible route.

This one is from Prescott.  I’m stumped as to the when/what of this one.  The shape and height are very 1920s.  But then there’s that modern plastic.  And I love that hole that functions as the period — very mid-century.  And the who-knows-when of the tacked on message board.  The whole thing could’ve been done in the 1960s I suppose — they must have had “retro” signs then.



Also Prescott.  This one appears to be new — or a complete replica of an older sign.  I’ve been seeing a lot of these A-1 beer signs — which is evidently an Arizona brand:



Still Prescott.  This shape looked familiar to me.   I went inside to inquire — and yes, the place was originally a laundromat — the sign was adapted.  Checking my photos and others at Flickr though — the shape is not quite right.  This sign has a much shorter bottom and no top — but maybe Launderama had other signs I haven’t seen or there was another company with a similar design:



One more from Prescott.  It appears to be an updated and cleaned up vintage sign:



From Aguila — the Coyote Flats Cafe.  Maybe not the original name:



Also Aguila — more saguaro pride:



From Wenden:



From Harcuvar .  Those squares read “motel” originally:



And on to Yuma:



A vacant department store downtown with some neat details.  I couldn’t find a name — or a pedestrian anywhere to ask what this place was:




A former Denny’s sign sleeve.  There must have been thousands of these things — now super rare:



From Gila Bend.  The lower part of the sign must have been tacked on later — and an interesting solution to wrap-around that balcony:



And on to Casa Grande for the night:


Alright — now I’m going to try to catch up with today’s photos — or maybe not.  1:30 am here.  How did that happen?

10 thoughts on “Day 28: West and South of Phoenix

  1. Excellent group….for some reason I enjoy the tattered ones as well as the nicely maintained signs

    Folks took cross-country roadtrips without A/C — so I should just suck it up and keep driving.

    I was thinking as I read that , ” But the dogs …” and then I read

    if I see my companions tongues out for an extended period of time, I’ll have to stop and deal.

    lol indeed…the animals got us there 🙂

  2. Definitely agree with the thought of the pups. When I moved from DC to Las Vegas in August ’10, I had to get my AC fixed. It wasn’t working at all and my thought was, “if I were driving myself, I could grin and bear having no AC. But with a dog in the car, the AC has to work.”

    • And I have four little ones. I esp. worry about my 15-year-old. Heat can be very hard on aging tickers. Not gonna let that happen! I did feel a little light-headed today at the mechanic’s (yes, another long saga, details later) which was probably dehydration. Fine now — but I think I need the A/C as much as the kids. Hopefully, it’s DONE.

  3. My goodness, it seems you won’t EVER get that dang AC fixed. Can we thank Chevy for that design, or what? Oh, well. Putting the vibes out there it will continue working like you said until the trip is ovah!

    You have my permission to get a little more sleep.

    Ha ha ha.
    Like you will.

    P.S. Glad you escaped the ticket. The coppers probably felt sorry for Sparkle & her bumper.

    • I think the A/C stuff is not Sparkle’s or Chevy’s fault — but rather the ineptitude of today’s mechanics — and their reliance on computers rather than experience and training. Another trip to the garage today — details to follow. Luckily, only half the day spent there.

      Shooting for some extra sleep tonight since I took VERY few photos today because of the time spent getting repairs.

  4. Something about that Yuma department says JJ Newberry to me, but then it may just be a local department store – will do some research.

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