Day 26: Scorcher in Phoenix

The bank clocks I saw read 105.  I think it was a high of 109.   The dogs had the luxury of A/C for the most part while I jumped in and out.   Shockingly hot out there.   I don’t know how residents handle it.  One guy I spoke with said July & August are regularly 115+.  Gawd.

Sparkle’s running nicely despite the abusive day-after-day driving.   I have tons and tons of photos for you.  But running ridiculously late tonight (already 2 am) since I went neon-shooting til 11pm.  And tomorrow night, I’ll be doing my socializing thing (more about that later).  And I could use a night off from all this homework.  So, I’ll have to catch up on Wednesday night somehow.

I’ll give you a few photos to hold you over until then.  All of these are from Mesa:




Love the name — desert + wonderama:


I’ll try to give you a quickie post tomorrow night (with maybe a couple photos).  And then a three-day photo marathon on Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “Day 26: Scorcher in Phoenix

  1. Just catching up on your whirlwind tour as we returned from our whirlwind tour of California. So glad that Sparkle is up and running!
    That heat sounds truly shocking, glad the AC was fixed too.
    Happy to hear you’re taking some time out to socialize – some of the most fun we had on our trip was getting together with folks we normally wouldn’t get together with. Have fun!

  2. Painted the Sun Land Motel in 2006! Day shot though – love seeing the sign lit up at night! Just so happens my hubby’s in Mesa visiting his folks right now too – you could be driving the same streets! Hope you, the dogs and Sparkle survive the heat and enjoy a much needed day off!

    • Only taking the night off from blogging and flickring. I was busting my you-know-what all day in the heat. Got tons of great photos. Will post some tomorrow.

  3. Dear Ms. Anti-Social,

    Well, I still hope you had a fine time for your evening out. Guess we’ll find out soon.

    Good Samaritan is now my favorite Goldberg building & it’s all due to your shot of it. So there.

    Love the neon night shots AND the videos.I wouldn’t presume to think I had any influence if the fact that they were a bit longer & more enjoyable for yours truly ( & maybe others) to watch.
    But I can only hope.

    So stop being a lazy bones and go get some good stuff!

    • Yes, made the videos a tiny bit longer. I am always open to suggestions.

      A good night out. One drink and I didn’t even finish it. Now I have a splitting headache this morning. Glad I have more remote-ish driving and not city stuff today.

      I didn’t even know Goldberg had a building in Phoenix. But there it was looming in the background — and I just knew from a mile away — had to be him. He takes those Streamline Moderne porthole windows to a whole ‘nother level.

      • I didn’t realize Goldberg had a building there either but it makes sense with how explosive the growth was in Phoenix during the 60s and 70s. Keep cool DJ.

  4. gorgeous night shots debra jane. when you get back i want to pick your brain on how you captured them so beautifully….

    that sun land one just made me gasp it’s so purty!

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