Day 26: Scorcher in Phoenix

The bank clocks I saw read 105.  I think it was a high of 109.   The dogs had the luxury of A/C for the most part while I jumped in and out.   Shockingly hot out there.   I don’t know how residents handle it.  One guy I spoke with said July & August are regularly 115+.  Gawd.

Sparkle’s running nicely despite the abusive day-after-day driving.   I have tons and tons of photos for you.  But running ridiculously late tonight (already 2 am) since I went neon-shooting til 11pm.  And tomorrow night, I’ll be doing my socializing thing (more about that later).  And I could use a night off from all this homework.  So, I’ll have to catch up on Wednesday night somehow.

I’ll give you a few photos to hold you over until then.  All of these are from Mesa:




Love the name — desert + wonderama:


I’ll try to give you a quickie post tomorrow night (with maybe a couple photos).  And then a three-day photo marathon on Wednesday.

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