Day 25: Barreling through Arizona

I made really good progress and have us set up for Phoenix tomorrow.   More sun.  And now killer heat.  All was fine temperature-wise until sometime crossing through the mountains this afternoon south of Sedona and Clarkdale.  It’s after midnight now and still 80-something.  Expected to be 109 tomorrow.  And similar temps here for the next five days or so.  Good lord — I hope Sparkle’s A/C is ready for this!  I think I will continue racing through my lists so that we can get back up north for the rest of the AZ stuff — and eventually the Midwest and  Cincinnati which have got to be cooler!

Heads up — I will probably be taking a night off from Flickring and blogging this week — maybe even tomorrow night.  I’m hoping to hook up with someone for some food and drinks in Phoenix.  I’ll let you know when and if this happens — and, if so, I’ll make up for it with a double batch of photos the following night.

On with today.  We started the day in Holbrook and headed down to the Petrified Forest Gift Shop.  I had some reshooting of the dinosaur statues and teepees there.  And it’s about time for some shots of the kids as well:


On a petrified wood stump:

And a rare one with Fixie’s eyes open — and Nik’s mouth shut:


On the way back to downtown — this billboard — for the super neat place that doesn’t exist anymore.  It was like one of those drive-thru wild animal parks — but with dinosaur statues instead.  I loved it — and so did the dogs:


A couple of signs downtown — and a question:  what are these perforated torch like things?
This is the Holbrook Inn sign.  I assume there were lights inside these — maybe even multiple lights inside which would flash and create an exciting effect.  But I’m guessing:


A similar thingie in cone form — at Brad’s Desert Inn:

I believe these similar lights in Memphis are static:


This educational hand painted sign at the Rainbow Rock Shop.   Neat — with palm trees, cactus, carnivorous dinosaur, AND volcano:


More signs in Holbrook — I can report from last night that this one is only partially lit.  The sputniky thing on top has only one bulb operating:


Love the curvy arrow and frames:


Stewart’s Petrified Wood in Holbrook is a must-see stop.  Ostriches, statues… oh, and I guess a gift shop which I’ve still never been in.  Too early on a Sunday morning today — the gates were locked.  But still lots of fun stuff to shoot — including these enticing billboards:


St. Joseph has the famous saddled fiberglass jackrabbit statue for photo-ops.  But, more than that, I like this billboard sign:


On to Flagstaff.  OK, sign lovers and experts — what did this sign advertise for originally?  That shape is the give-away.  Big hint:  think orange and navy porcelain.  Another hint?  Chain drug store.  Here’s the reveal if you’re still stumped:


More faded beauties in Flagstaff:


This one reads “Tourist Home”:


A not-so-great cover-up — or just faded this way with time.  For the Downtowner Motel now — but I can’t quite make out the original wording:


On to Sedona.   Son Silver West has lots of signs — I was there for the giant rooster statue.  But this sign caught my eye — for a Husky gas station:


Eventually, to Prescott Valley.  This sign is modern but just weird enough to include here:


And this oldie.  I don’t know how much longer this place (and sign) will be around.  Pretty much surrounded by new development:

You may notice some brown haze behind the sign towards the bottom.  That’s smoke from the forest fire(s) going on around here.  My eyes have already been stinging and red from the dust and wind and dryness.  And now with the smoke, they’re killing me.

That’s it for tonight.  If it’s gonna be 109 tomorrow, I’m thinking ice cream is in order!

12 thoughts on “Day 25: Barreling through Arizona

  1. Looks like you & the kids enjoyed the Dinos alright. More fun signs & the Chapel of the Holy Cross is certainly impressive.

    I believe the Downtowner Hotel sign said :”Nackard Inn” originally. I pulled this paragraph from an article :

    Najla and her husband T.J. Engstrom managed the Nackard Inn in downtown Flagstaff. Later it became the Downtowner Motel, easily spotted thanks to the large radio-type tower and sign on the property. Today the Inn has been converted into apartments with no connection to the Nackards. Najla (Tore) Engstrom died in 1987.

    Article here for those who want to know more:

    Well done again, DJ.

    I’m sure 109 degrees is past the melting point of ice cream so enjoy your ice cream soup (or possible brain freeze).

    P.S. Hell, I’m sure 109 degrees is past YOUR melting point, too.
    So keep cool, man.
    Sparkle, fail her not!

    • I noticed the Nackard part of the Downtowner sign. Figured it would all make sense when I got home & pulled up the info.

      I wish I could buy Sparkle some ice cream. How do you reward a car? A tune-up? She deserves something. Maybe a day off? Can’t do that but she’ll get plenty of rest back in Brooklyn.

      Looks like loads of sun coming at 6am here. Maybe too much?

      • Oh, she’ll be getting one of those soon enough. New York cops are gonna be all over me. I give them less than 24 hours parked til I get a ticket. They give you 24-hours to get to a shop or it’s like a $150 ticket.

  2. Looks like the pups are having fun! I also got a real kick out of the “Take pictures now!” sign with the dinosaur poking his head out of the top. 🙂

    • Stewart’s is a “must-see” if you’re ever near Holbrook.

      The dogs are having a blast — interrupted now and then by ouchie sandspurs in their feet. I try to stick to gravel, dirt and grass rather than the natural growth areas.

  3. amazing post today — as always love the doggie shots….

    my great aunt is in tucson and is just melting from the heat.

    weird fact i bet you didn’t know about me — i used to go to summer camp near Prescott, AZ ( it used to get really cool at night, but not sure if that’s happening for you.

    crazy b.s. here in nyc but nothing new / that can’t wait. i keep thinking i can pick up the phone and call you!!!


    • Prescott is a pain in the butt to get to. I’ve had to go through mountains, twice, on this trip (first time, the sun was totally in the wrong place for what I wanted to shoot). Nearly got a speeding ticket in the only straight-away — got off with a warning (that makes two warnings & no tickets!). Things are cooling off slightly in southern AZ today I think.

      • yeah, sounds like how i remember it — mountains everywhere…. dear lord sparkle is certainly getting a workout. glad it’s cooling off a little. plumb crazy those numbers….

      • Sparkle is having a hell of a trip. I usually drive 13+ hours a day – but this heat has to be harder on her. Hopefully, the summer in Colorado & Wyoming won’t be this bad.

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