Day 24: Puffies & Blue Skies in NM, CO, & AZ

A whirlwind romp today fueled by cooler weather and beautiful skies (puffy white clouds in the morning).  Tidied up the NW corner of AZ and, while at it, across the border to nearby CO cities.  I hadn’t been to any of these places before so it was extra fun for me.  Then down and over to begin our next chapter:  about 9 days in Arizona before heading east to Cincinnati.

Late, as usual, so let’s get to the photos.  Shiprock, NM — how’s that for blue skies and bright signs — are you squinting?


A fun little place in Shiprock:


On to Colorado — this one in Cortez.  Once again, a freakin’ pole to spoil my photo.  I shot from the backside but looks like crap since facing the sun.  I made a note to return in the afternoon sometime.

The Cork ‘n Bottle also has this rooftop sign — clock not working:


Also in Cortez:


From Mancos, CO:


On to Durango, CO.  This is a…. dog park!  24 acres — right next to downtown.  With access to the Animas River.  Hiking trails.  It goes on and on and on.  Do I need to tell you how much fun the kids had here?


Also in Durango — stained glass and vitrolite:


On to Farmington, NM.   What appeals to me most about this sign is the neon swirlie on top:


Pretty buried in the trees — not sure what a rocket has to do with mobile homes:


I don’t know if this Pancake Alley is related to the one in Las Cruces that I posted a few days ago:

Extra credit to anyone that wants to google-search to find out — I’m just too beat tonight.


Chef Bernie’s has not only a wonderful sign:

but this sensational building as well:



This detail is from the Cameo Theatre — built in 1971:


And finally — across the border into Arizona.  I always have to stop at these cheesy tourist things no matter how many times I’ve seen them before.  This one always amuses me because of the juxtaposition of the nature-made and the man-made:


Magnificent and tacky at the same time:


Let’s stop in Holbrook for the night:


The forecast for the next five days here in Northern AZ is nothing but orange dots:  meaning nothing but non-stop sun.  I gave Sparkle’s A/C a quick test today and all seems up to snuff.  Bedtime now at 12:30.  Gotta get up bright and early for dinosaurs.  I may have seen them all before — but I can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Day 24: Puffies & Blue Skies in NM, CO, & AZ

  1. From what I was able to determine the rocket refers to a company in the 50s that manufactured custom mobile homes.

    Chef Bernie’s has it all goin’ on, man.

    The Durango stained glass and vitrolite building: sorry, can’t tell what the business or whatever is. Do you know?
    Very pretty, yes.

    Nice mix as well at flickr.

    Wells Fargo Bank is off the hook, as the young ones say (don’t they?).

    Enjoy your Dinos.

    Have a sterling Sunday.

  2. Would think that “store of some kind” probably never had a sign with the name of the place. It would ruin the effect of the design.The only problem is it’s incognito to drivers.

    Looked at the bank & remembered how frustrating Google Street View can be. Reminds me that when I was trying to investigate my “old neighborhoods” in Chicago, you’d go so far & bang! Hit the invisible wall because the street view car didn’t go down that street.

    Still saw a lot of the bank & like it’s curvy-ness (how’s that?).

    Looking forward to your adventures with the Dinos.

  3. Love, love, love that Chef Bernie’s restaurant and sign, and that concrete block – out of this world. The roof sign is also a nice touch.

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