Day 23: Getting through New Mexico

The sun looked great this morning in Albuquerque — but then it was like one massive white cloud overhead after the first hour.   I got through about 80% of what I wanted in the sun though.  Finished up and was on my way — east to Edgewood, south to Belen & Socorro.  Then west to Grants & Gallup.  And finally way up here to the northwest corner (Shiprock for the night).  Tomorrow, I should be able to finish up here and start on Arizona.  A day early despite all the setbacks!  I sure have contributed to New Mexico’s economy in the past 10 days or so.  I’m hoping Arizona is kinder and cheaper.  Bring on the heat and the sun — the A/C seems to be working.

The dogs have been really quiet today.  I think walking them around in the heat yesterday really zonked them.  One more shot for you from Albuquerque — the giant white cloud on its way:


East of Grants at exit 96 on I-40 are these signs for Whiting Bros.  They’ve been abandoned for many years:


On to Grants and Gallup — where the clouds were only the playful type.  From Grants:


The wind was intense in Grants & Gallup.  I’d say 50 mph or so.  Making just standing still to take a photo a challenge.  You can see the tree blowing in this shot from Grants:


Way too many signs at my blog posts lately.  How about this mid-century modern liquor store in Grants.  The two canopies spear through those rocky supports:


Last one from Grants:


The rest of the photos in this post are from Gallup:


This appears to be a refurbished old sign:


I’m really developing a deep fondness for these “corduroy” (corrugated plastic) signs:


A road snack.  I really needed it since I had hardly eaten anything all day in the interest of maximizing photo taking.  I’d never had guac-flavored chips before.  Pretty mild but tasty.  Though nothing beats plain old Doritos Original Nacho chips or just plain Fritos  in my opinion.


One last sign and I’m getting into bed.  Really need a decent night’s sleep.   I needed three cups of coffee today because of all the boring long interstate drives.  The scenery has been beautiful but not stimulating enough.  The gum and radio are not enough sometimes.  More long drives tomorrow between stops.

This curly arrow sign is at the Red Mesa Express gas station in Gallup.  It doesn’t look like much here — but it has to be at least eight feet long:

Hope to be writing to you from Arizona tomorrow night.  We’ll be heading mostly north to south but, as with New Mexico, big cities, tiny towns, all over the place.

9 thoughts on “Day 23: Getting through New Mexico

    • Glad you’re enjoying the ride! Lots more photos to come for the website. Only uploading about 20 photos each night to the blog & Flickr. Have about 100 more from each day for the site.

  1. Who knew New Mexico has such a wealth of great signs? Well, thanks to you, missy, we all do now.

    The Boot Barn Cowboy is interesting. How did the horsies leg get amputated? Plus, that sign in it’s 3rd dimension certainly looks ODD when you see it from that angle.Look at that poor cowboy’s face from the front. Ooooh.

    Don’t know why but the Blue Spruce Lodge sign just speaks to me.

    Love the rattlesnake.

    OK, so you didn’t respond to my comment yesterday regarding your injury.Now I agree with Erika that you SHOULD seek out a place to have it looked at. You are ahead of schedule, aren’t you?

    We don’t like having to worry about you.

    Got it?

    • There’s tons more signs (and buildings and statues) that you’re not seeing. I only upload a handful to Flickr & the blog each night.

      The only angle I could shoot the cowboy at was from that one. I don’t know anything about him — how old, what happened to his legs.

      I’m not talking about my hand anymore. If it’s still bothering me when I get home, I’ll see a doctor. Next topic?

      I see loads of sun right now — and not windy. I don’t know why people move to the Southwest for their respiratory conditions. My nose and eyes have never been more messed up from the dust and dryness.

  2. While you’re in AZ, come by Tucson! We’ve restored several nice neons and while the buildings are now missing in action, the signs have been saved. They are living at Pima Community College on Stone. Last week another was relit on 6th Avenue, still attached…a diving lady on an old hotel, now a law office. The lawyers I believe helped pay for the restoration. Enjoy your trip!

    • Yes, I’ve been following all the Tucson sign news closely for the past few years. Those signs are definitely already on my list. I was in close contact with Demion Clinco during the legislation writing/passage. I’ve also been writing about the restorations — as well as the new saguaro sign — for the SCA (Society for Commercial Archeology) publications.

      I’ve been to Tucson at least three times. But have lots of reshooting to do — and “new” stuff I didn’t know about back in 2006 or so when I was there last. Probably there in about a week. Just arrived in AZ today.

    • Not so much “finding”. 99% of what I shoot is completely pre-planned and organized thoroughly for the most volume and most efficient path. A lot of the blog stuff though is random just pull over and shoot. It makes me focus differently and notice little things that I wouldn’t shoot for the website — so I think it’s something I’ll keep doing — though writing these posts sometimes at 2am and getting up at 6am is a killer. Esp. for weeks on end.

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