Day 21: Mountains, Valleys, and More (northern NM)

Another full day of sunshine.  And I made the most of it motoring all through the forests and mountains north of Albuquerque, down to Santa Fe, over to Cuba — and back to Bernalillo to set us up for Albuquerque tomorrow.   Whew!  And now, getting a very late start.  Not promising much coherency or flourishy writing tonight.  Sparkle running great — got her third or fourth oil change — I’ve lost track.  The dogs got a couple swims today — weather still pretty mild and the water is COLD.

Let’s start with Raton — yes, that’s 7:19 am.  If the sun is there, I get cracking early!


At a former Conoco gas station.  I’ve never seen a Dr Pepper machine before (no, it wasn’t filled with bottles or working):


Two signs are better than one:


Signs in the window indicated that this is soon to become the “Rockin’ Raton 50s Diner”.  Gawd.  I hope they don’t mess with the sign — but it seems inevitable:


I couldn’t resist slipping across the border to nearby Trinidad, CO:


Back into New Mexico — this is in Cimarron:


North of Taos — a couple of shots from the headquarters of Earthship Biotecture:


From Embudo — the Gasoline Alley Museum.  Which is Johnnie Meier’s collection of all kinds of stuff — mostly gas station related:


Lots of gas station signs as well.  This ice cream sign came from someplace about an hour north of town:


And the more valuable stuff is locked in a building.  Gas pump globes, photos, ephemera, etc.:


On to Espanola:


Down to Santa Fe:


Taos & Santa Fe are really decked out in Pueblo styled buildings.  Including the chain restaurants like McDonald’s & Burger King.  Here’s a unique IHOP in Santa Fe:


Another one from Santa Fe — a bus stop shelter:


Getting late but westward I went — the former Big Chief Gas Station in Zia Pueblo.  No pumps anymore but this sign remains:


A fun, modern sign in Bernalillo:


And, lastly, shot just as the sun had set behind the clouds.  Had to use the flash for this one.  It’s this time of day, I can’t help but think where I could have shaved a few precious minutes off somewhere and gotten a better shot.  But I think you guys will like the moodiness anyway:


That’s it — 1 am and a big day tomorrow.  I’ve got a huge list for Albuquerque which will take at least two marathon days of shooting.

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