Day 20: Enchanted in Eastern New Mexico!

Yes, the Land of Enchantment really came through today.  Non-stop sun, cloudless skies.  And more of the same forecast for tomorrow.  Busy, busy all day long.  Didn’t get settled til after 10pm because I wanted to set us up in Raton for tomorrow’s schedule.  It’s already close to midnight and I have a LOT of photos cropped & ready for you.  Sparkle only got breaks at gas stations.  And she ran like a champ — twisty mountains, city driving, desert driving, all of it.

Grip, Fix and I got bit by fire ants.  Nik & Grem were running around too fast I guess for them to latch on.  Grip was licking a front paw for awhile.  But Fixie, the drama queen, has been limping all day and barely will get out of the van.  I got them up my pants leg.   Even though it was somewhat a public area, I didn’t care — I just dropped my pants and plucked them off of me.  I stepped on them and they squashed out my blood.  Disgusting.  I believe all animals have the right to a healthy and happy life — except bugs that bite me or my dogs.  I can’t kill those suckers fast enough.

Let’s get to it.  Starting with Portales:Image


What’s with New Mexico’s water?  Is it not safe to drink?  Everywhere, just everywhere, there are those water vending machines and now a water store.  Love the water bottle entrance:



From Texico (yes, that’s right, at the border of TX & NM):



Over the border slightly to Bovina, TX:



On to Clovis, NM:



A Streamline Moderne / Art Deco building:



Love the little shield letters and how the blue & white & black match the rest of the photo:



Glad to see this place is hanging in there — despite being surrounded by other fast food places:


Had to show some support — had a craving for onion rings and these did not disappoint!



On to Tucumcari:



Detail from the Golden Dragon restaurant sign:



An interesting building I hadn’t noticed before — I’d say Art Deco with neat fruit?, pine cone? & cactus details:



I’ve shot a lot of these Phillips 66 stations on this trip.  This one I’ll include because I like the tires with the Tires sign — and the garage sign across the street:



A modern-ish billboard downtown — don’t forget, all my photos are clickable to get a larger size.  The shark/drugs chasing the girl/our youth.  The boat says “Our Community” on it:



On to Santa Rosa — the La Mesa Motel:



From the boarded-up Western Motel:



Some flowering cacti.  Haven’t seen that much cactus on this trip yet — only the stuff installed by humans in planters and such:



On to Las Vegas (NM, that is):




Yes, that’s Sparkle on the right — another view of the unique bumper:



On a depressing note — over to Dalhart, TX to shoot a few things.  I checked up on the Mission Twins Theatre that I shot last year when it was being “renovated” for a church:


Sure enough — they stripped it:



Over to Clayton for one more sign for the evening:



Tomorrow, we’ll be up and down the mountains north of Albuquerque.  After that, the rough plan if you’re interested:  Thurs & Fri, Albuquerque; Sat south of ABQ; Sun west of ABQ; and then Monday or Tuesday, on to Arizona.  I think it’s do-able and puts us on schedule.  We are officially just past the halfway point of this trip — 19 more days to go!  Seems like forever since we were in Ohio and West Virginia, doesn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Day 20: Enchanted in Eastern New Mexico!

  1. hiya debra jane,

    was worried when i didn’t see a post but this was a meaty one (silly me).

    one of the pictures isn’t displaying ( if i click through the broken icon i get that one.

    what’s up with all of that “American Owned” shiz? so freaking racist.

    those onion rings look yummy!


    p.s. i say keep the bumper like it is. sparkle is a true road warrior — these are her spots!

  2. The pictures are extra nice tonight because that cobalt blue is the perfect back drop for this stuff. Glad there will be more blue skies tomorrow . I can’t believe it’s day 20 ! Great job! Love the rings

  3. DJ,

    Your most excellent weather day paid off. Lots of stuff to like.Except for the ants (do you get this reference: THEM! )?
    But you put them in their place.

    Obviously those onion rings will have everyone drooling as they looked awesome.

    I would have thought the Giant Bull would have been a photo op with the kids. Maybe it’s larger than I think & hard to reach?

    The building with the Deco details: In use? What is/was it?

    I was thinking of what a 10 year old ME would have done with Sparkle’s new bumper:
    Wood grain Con-Tact paper. Very popular in my house as a youngin’.

    Here’s hoping your sunny days continue & you bang out the shots you want.

    Happy Trails, to you. Until , you know.

    • I regret not getting a photos of “Them!” yesterday. Probably more opportunities coming up. The onion rings kept me full all day. They look greasier in the photo than in real life. Dee likes to embellish.

      Photo-ops with the kids. Yeah, something smaller maybe. Also they are pretty ragged out right now and would probably be giving me doggie finger if I was to pose them.

      Deco building in Tucumcari with the cacti/fruit, etc.? Didn’t seem to be in use. Other Deco building in Clovis was a law firm. Couldn’t find any info about it.

  4. Was dealing with family issues over the weekend, didn’t get to the internet, and completely missed the part about the accident and its aftermath. Thank goodness everyone’s okay.

    So glad you are up and running again, all your troubles are behind you, and you’re finally getting those bright blue skies you love. (Although I am also fond of the grey and white skies in your photos; makes the color in your subjects really pop. I know, I know… we will always disagree about the grey skies!)

    • I’m kinda glad you missed The Accident. You would have been fraught with worry. Sparkle’s running like a demon — and I’m just a tiny bit more controlled. Scrutinizing every intersection for a light, a stop sign, pedestrians, cars approaching intersections, etc.

      More sun today — and it looks like more for at least a couple days ahead. Time to get to work!

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