Day 19: Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…. in the Rain

I never thought New Mexico would be like this.  Some incredible, pull-it-over and wait downpours today.  Really lousy drainage in places.  Entire right hand lanes underwater.  Crazy intersections with no idea of water depth but cars flying through nevertheless.   The sun would come out every so often and be gone within minutes.  Then more torrential rain.   It was an easy day to exercise the dogs since nobody anywhere was using city parks with the lousy weather.  I banged away at the list and am making good headway.  I might even get back on schedule despite the “delay” in Silver City.

Let’s start with Ruidoso:

I was hoping from the sign maybe some fake concrete teepees — but there were only cabins.  Neat log cabins though:


Even Ruidoso has been invaded by aliens now, too.   Lots of wood carved ones in Ruidoso and Roswell that weren’t there four years ago when I was here last.  This one at the Ruidoso River Museum:


Moving on to Roswell.  Damn that little SUV for ruining my shot:


Farley’s has apparently “borrowed” their sign design from Ship’s Coffee Shops in Los Angeles:


Even McDonald’s has jumped onto Roswell’s alien-theme bandwagon with this unique UFO building:


Pretty fancy for a mobile homes sign — but the neon holes match the letters… so maybe it always was for that:


From Artesia:


Although the hail didn’t affect Sparkle’s front end at all yesterday — today’s rain sure killed the white paint on that black bumper.  I guess I’ll have to decide when I get home whether to a) get it repainted, b) strip it to black, or c) let it be whatever it wants to be.  I kinda favor c) as it will always be a reminder of this trip.  But maybe it’s just TOO hideous.  What say you guys?

By the way, I got a phone call tonight from my Silver City mechanic — can you believe it?  He was checking in to see how things were going.  I told him how great Sparkle was running.  I also mentioned the bumper paint problem — and that I really didn’t mind.  After all, it was really just an extra (I don’t think I was charged).  He said it should really be allowed to dry longer.  I’m also wondering if yesterday’s hail didn’t loosen the paint and then today’s rain just ate into that.


In Carlsbad — the Apache Canyon Trading Post — which appears to be long-closed:

Some details:


In Whites City — this sadly deteriorating, big motel court — known as White’s City Deluxe Motel originally:

The sign says it’s being restored — but I have my doubts.


On to Arkansas Junction.  It appears this sign advertised for the long-closed cafe next to it.  This star is technically known as a C-152 Lectra.  This video of one in Raytown, MO shows how this sign would have operated at night:


From Hobbs — not sure why they white-painted the “Liquor” when it’s still a liquor store:


And last one for the night from Tatum:


According to all the weather predictions — tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeously sunny.  In every single city that I expect to be in.  So I’m hitting the hay early expecting a marathon day of shooting.

14 thoughts on “Day 19: Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…. in the Rain

  1. Well,you now have a “cow van”.

    Hope you have sun ’till you can’t stand it anymore tomorrow. Keep on clickin’ away so Dee gets hot from the use.

    Peace, out.

  2. i like option c as well….

    so glad the mechanic(s) were so diligent. i wonder if they are checking your blog now.

    sending good vibes for sun and blue skies.

    i miss seeing you but as always you are missing NOTHING!


    • I hope the dust is settled at work when I get back. I heard they are operating my desk from the basement. Or maybe that was just one shift.

      6am Sun is out! Gotta run!

  3. Great pics DJ! Glad you’re all fixed up and back in the saddle. The bumper looks very “ghetto”! Might be a good thing for parking on the street in Brooklyn. Enjoy the sunny day!

  4. That bumper’s a hoot! I think that was nice the mechanic called you to see how things were going. Yes, the paint certainly did not have enough time to cure. What to do? When you get home, get some sandpaper, sand it down, get a can or two of glossy spray paint, mask the front with paper, and spray it. Do it when you’re not going anywhere for a few days so it can properly dry. It may not look professional, but certainly better than that. I tend to notice that bumpers with NY State license plates are all dinged up anyway from people hitting them while squeezing into tight parking spaces so why bother spending a few hundred to have a shop do it? It’s easy to spot a cars here in NJ that comes from NY City! NY plates, and dinged up bumpers.

    • Thanks for the tips. Maybe it’ll be all black by the time I get home. My rear bumper is less than a year old since I was rear-ended and it had to be replaced. It already looks like hell from tight parking. My neighborhood is ridiculous with alternate side and all that. After the first time you find one of your side mirrors danging by a wire and you spend $200 to replace it, you always remember to fold it in every time you park.

    • Thanks! There’s a split decision from my readers on the bumper (white, black or “as-is”). I don’t know what I’ll do — if anything. It just might weather to black anyway and I’ll be too busy, exhausted, and broke when I get home to do much.

  5. Hope you get better weather soon (looks like you did, though…I’m reading backwards thanks to my reader). We had rain all the way from Tulsa to a little west of OKC on 66 last year and…ugh. Misery. But you’re getting some great shooting done!

    • How is that reading backwards? I think you should be able to click on the month somehow and get all the posts at once so you can start at the bottom. Also, I don’t think you get the back background at the Reader. I think the black really enhances the photos. Plus, I’m writing these posts in the wee hours of the morning so I think it’s a more accurate mood.

      I’ve had enough grey and rain early in the trip to deserve these nice blue skies lately. I had horrible weather in Tulsa last year — but forced myself to wait it out another day. It was HARD but I was rewarded with perfect shooting weather.

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