Day 1: Quickie Massachusetts Trip

Time for a little break in the routine.  I’ve been working way too many hours.  I also wanted to give the newly-repaired A/C a test before the big summer trip.  That was the plan.  It was in the 90s last week but it looks like this weekend will only be in the 70s.  So, not much of a test.   Don’t know if this will be a two, three or four day trip — all depends on if the weather holds.

I’m working on only a couple hours sleep so let’s get right to the show.  A few from Meriden, CT.  A retired traffic control tower:

Also in Meriden — at the Record-Journal newspaper building — a paper delivery boy.  These murals remind me of those paint-by-numbers kits with rocks instead of paints.  Do you remember those?

For scale & other midcentury details — printing press & globe:

Also in Meriden — an opal glass (aka milk glass) sign in perfect condition.  I don’t know if these translucent letters are still lit from the bulbs inside the sign.

More Meriden.  A biggie — meant to be seen from the nearby interstate.  The gas station on the lot has been recently demolished.  Another Gulf is across the street now.  I’m hoping this sign will stay.  I like the matching orange dozer.  More of a shoveler than a dozer I guess.  Not my area of expertise.

Saint Francis Care in Hartford, CT.  Very nice concrete relief:

The artist’s signature (I can’t make it out, not familiar with him/here):

Another concrete relief at the Hartford Jewish Community Center (now Mandell Jewish Community Center):

There’s work going on but it seems to be keeping the old, incorporating some new:

Fun dragon (?) sculpture in East Granby, CT:

A sun-challenged shot of the baby on the dragon’s shoulder:

Vintage diner or fake?  Looks awfully spiffy to be old.  But maybe gutted & resurrected?    A soon-to-be ice cream place in the Big Bunny Market parking lot in Southbridge, MA:

In Oxford, MA — an integrated barrel-roofed diner?   Has to be, right?

Big piggy near Oxford:

Let’s wrap up with a couple more signs.  This one at the Worcester City Motel in Shrewsbury, MA.  The “265” refers to its address at 265 Boston Turnpike.  The sun behind it forced me to shoot at this angle:

From Worcester:

Off to the lower Cape for a bit tomorrow.  I WILL find beachies somewhere for the dogs.  They did get some sneaky park runs & pond swims today — but nothing beats a sandy beach.   Then it’ll be the Boston area for the rest of the day.   Still working on sandwiches & snacks from home.  But surely there will be an ice cream shot or two in the near future.

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Quickie Massachusetts Trip

    • Yeah, I suspected it was a fake. But it’s a fake with a history of its own now! I’m only in MA for a few days. Most reshoots but some newbies for me on the list as well. MA is very familiar territory for me. Went to hundreds of dog agility trials up here.

  1. The place in Southbridge is not a diner but was built to look like one. It was originally Grumpy’s. Always just take-out. Has had other names and dates from around 1990 or so (give or take a year). The place in Oxford was a barber shop for years and more recently maybe living quarters. An old 1920’s vintage Worcester, that roof over it was added recently.

  2. The yellow earthmover is a bulldozer. The orange earthmover would properly be classified as a tracked backhoe, or more commonly called a track-hoe.

  3. Hi Debra Jane,
    I had a sudden urge to check out your Flickr stream today. Haven’t seen it since your last trip but somehow I was drawn to look. Seems like I caught you at the start of your mini trip. Good. Don’t like coming late.
    Don’t know if I should wish for hot weather or not so you can run the A/C.
    Nice you had your SUN.
    Hope you can find a Montrose Beach worthy area for the kids to romp.
    Happy shooting.

    • I did find beachies for the dogs today. I usually head for boat docks and the very edges of the popular bathing beaches. We always find somethin!
      This will be just a quick trip. Looks like rain moving in on Tuesday.

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