Day 35-37: OK & Roadtrip Wrap-up

The dogs and I made it safely home last night.  A killer, 1200 mile drive which began when I finished up the Oklahoma stuff Friday afternoon. I thought I might stop to shoot a few places on the way home.  But once I got on the interstate, all I wanted to do was get home.  More than twenty hours of driving with some naps here and there.  And it’s nice to be home with a day off to recover and put some things in order.  Usually, I get back from these trips and go straight in to work the same night.  That’s truly crazy.

So let’s finish up the Oklahoma stuff.  From Pryor — an obviously repurposed sign.  Glad they kept the pair of arrows:

Also in Pryor — yes, my blog fans, that’s a rusting C-152 Lectra sign hovering over the canopy:

From Salina — this cute sign add-on:

From Vinita — the restaurant is still open:

A couple of Route 66 relics from Afton.  Nice to see these 3 cabins & sign are still standing:

It looks like this one has been hit by a truck or two:

At the Hitchin’ Post Cafe in Welch.  I’m pretty sure this is a Neo-Lectra Jr.:

A nice one from Miami:

And, finally, HOME!   Nice to come back to spring.  70 degrees & sunny.  When I left five weeks ago, it was in the 20s and 30s.  I missed the magnolias and daffodils.  But there are still some other flowers and lots of bright green trees just leafing out.  These two shots are from the roof of my building (I live on the top, 4th floor).  Yep, “Brownstone Brooklyn” (Park Slope) with all the stoops.  Beyond the church steeple, that’s Manhattan in the distance.

And looking towards the Park (the denser bunch of trees on the horizon).  The dogs were very happy to be back there this morning.  They’ve barely moved a muscle since.  I’ve never seen them this wiped out.

Time for the stats.  37 days; drove 14,014 miles.  Took 5,156 photos.  529 of them went to the blog.  524 were posted to Flickr.  So there are still about 4,500 more photos which I haven’t cropped or tweaked yet which will eventually be added to the website.

Filled up the tank 58 times for a total of $3,453.54.  Gas was usually about $3.59 & $3.69 in Texas and Oklahoma.  But as soon as I hit Indiana, it was $4.19.  I never keep track for the food or hotel bill — the gas is scary enough!

Despite speeding nearly every minute of the day, driving usually 12 or 13 hours per day, I only got two tickets – $169 (OK) & $170 (TX) = $339.

A few car repairs:  the starter, the spark plug & wire, an alignment I didn’t need, AC freon which immediately drained out, a mirror (my bad) = $1,190.  Plus four oil changes.

Which reminds me, if you’d like to help out with the cost of these trips, show your support for the website, etc., you can make donations to my Paypal account which is the same as my email address:

You might have noticed that there are no annoying ads at my blog or website, no memberships, so I’m not making a dime doing this.  All outgoing.  Any contribution — tiny or huge — is much appreciated!

So tomorrow — it’s back to my “real job”.  I’m hoping to get some of the photos from this trip added to the site in the next couple months.  But I also have to start planning for this summer’s trip which is only 12 weeks away.  This one will be another five-weeker — in MI, MN & WI.  I will make SURE the A/C is working for this one!

In the meantime, you’ll be able to follow the additions to the website at this page:

I hope you’ve enjoyed tagging along and I appreciated all your compliments, contributions & support while I was out there plugging along.  It’s exhausting but exhilarating at the same time.  If you were just following the blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing the other photos that were uploaded to Flickr — here’s the trip set:

See you all back here at the end of July!

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