Day 35: OK & the Interstate

I finished up Oklahoma around 1pm and hopped on the interstate.  Have landed in Terre Haute, IN — roughly halfway through the 20 hour trip home.  I’ll post the final batch of photos, stories, stats & all that from home on Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Day 35: OK & the Interstate

  1. Wow, you made excellent time: Tulsa to Terre Haute in a day! I didn’t even make it to the grocery store yesterday. Only 10 hours to go: You’ve even got time for a couple of stops along the way through Ohio and PA. Smooth sailing ahead!

    • I was motivated to get to Indiana yesterday because I knew today would only be worse. And it was. Exhausting. Just horrible. When I was young, they said they would soon have electronic stuff under the highway that would move the cars and you could read a book or sleep when your car was on the “track”. Whatever happened with THAT? But we’re HOME and nothing that a good night sleep won’t fix. Thanks for your support! Final blog post & Flickr batch tomorrow.

      • They all said we’d be commuting to work in helicopters and jetpacks, too! Well at least we got the ATM and the pay-at-the-pump gas stations.

        So glad you made it home safely. Get a good rest in your actual bed, and I bet the pooches are glad to be back on familiar turf, too. Another fantastic trip!

  2. Debra Jane & The Kids,

    Didn’t realize you’d be home so soon.Sound like a smooth trip. Hoping you’ll have had a good sleep by the time you read this.

    Enjoyed my time following along again. So happy you had Old Sol for the rest of your shooting. Who knew he only had one front tooth. Didn’t until you & Dee showed us.

    Sure I’ll have some comments for whatever you’ll post for the last installment.

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