Day 2: Sun & Sand — the Cape & Boston

Another glorious day of sun and mild temps.  Found lots of spots for the dogs to run & swim.  My only gripe was the traffic.  Not even beach or interstate traffic.  Just massive amounts of street fairs, construction, etc. that must’ve eaten up a couple of hours today.  I did test the A/C for about 20 minutes today and it worked nicely.  Crossing fingers for this summer.

They’re everywhere on this trip:  giant rhododendron bushes.  Purple ones, red ones, and white ones.  But mostly purple.  Here’s one almost as big as a house:  (note to newbies to my blog, all the photos are “clickable” to a larger size)

Nothing says summer more the mini golf and ice cream.   Joe’s Driving Range in Falmouth offers them both.   That closed sign is only because it was 8am.

REAL mini golf — not that pirate & waterfall stuff:

Who wants pancakes?

OK — how about we go off on a tangent for the rest of this post?  I finally got to the Museum of Bad Art in Dedham today which has been on my list for years and years.  The museum is actually just about a dozen pieces or so in the town’s movie theatre basement.   But there are hundreds of pieces in the collection so you never know what you’ll find on display.  Here’s their site:

I’ll get off easy tonight since I can let the museum captions do the talking.  I’ll share about six of the pieces — but really, they’re all just mind-bogglingly great.  I took more than a lot of Art History courses in college so I know fine “ott” when I see it.

Hope you enjoyed that.  Good news for me is that I get to bed early!  More crusty & pretty signs, silly statues, concrete & fancy buildings tomorrow.  Oh yeah — must shoot dogs & food — working on it.   Lights out!

P.S.  If you’re feeling roadside-deprived, don’t forget, there’s also the Flickr postings every night as well with different, “serious” subjects:

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