Day 10: The Long Day in Victoria

After ten excruciating hours at the dealership getting Sparkle worked on, we’re back on the road with a vengeance.  My stomach is slowly but surely getting better.  Only eating small nibbles of things for now.  I didn’t post anything to Flickr tonight but I didn’t want to let my loyal blog readers down.  So I did sneak in some quick shots on the three hours-ish trip down to Corpus Christi.  The van ran flawlessly so I’m psyched to get back to work here.  And I hear it should be gorgeous tomorrow.   Here then are my meager offerings for the night.

My pre-trip fantasy was to eat burritos every day I was in Texas.  So far I haven’t had one.  And I think I’d better wait awhile yet considering my tender tummy.   I love humanized food signs!  And note the entirely perfect blue skies that I missed today.  I really felt like crying.  This guy is in Refugio:


The former Rialto Theatre in Sinton.  At least that big-assed truck isn’t covering much.  In fact, it’s and improvement and not bad contrast in this case.  Maybe I can sell some of my shots from this trip to truck manufacturers for their advertising?


I’ve been following the saga of the Rockport crab for years now — and finally got to meet him.  Sort of.  This guy is not the real vintage deal — but a replica.  Hey, a piece of history kept alive through tribute is better than nothing!  And this guy is wonderfully homely in his own way — not the generic giant fiberglass crab:

And yes, that’s the WATER in the background — insert insane barking & shrieking sounds here — my ears are still ringing.  Newcomers to my blog & dogs might want a peek at this quickie video — only it’s gotten about 100 times worse and all 4 are participating now.  The smell or sight of any watery body sets them off — far worse than cows or squirrels.

Just minutes after this crab photo, I got these dogs some beach time.  The wind was fierce so the waves were bashing Nik about like mad.  But he did not care.  It only made getting his ball more fun and challenging. Maniac.  The girls have far more sense.


A little Streamline Moderne from Rockport – sunset coming on:


I’m feeling better already seeing this! (also Rockport)  Yes, tomorrow’s gonna be a great day!


More Streamliney goodness from… uh-oh.  This was south of Rockport — might have been Aransas Pass.  Maybe someday I’ll join all you GPS-ers out there.  Right now, I’m just a really, really good notetaker.  Usually.


Score of the day (well, a very short day of driving).  Looks this was probably a drive-in restaurant sign originally.  In Aransas Pass – I’m sure of it.

Remember that old Jimmy Cliff song…  “it’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sun shiney day…. I think I can make it now the pain is gone… nothing but blue skies…”  Pardon my optimism, I’m just on a beach high with the dogs tonight, palms swaying in the breeze (sorry to rub it in Northern pals) and happy to have escaped from that dealership waiting room prison.

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