Day 7: Houston Marathon

Houston kicked my ass today.  I don’t know if it was the heat or possible food poisoning but I’m getting this post off to you in the wee hours because I needed a nap.  Still not feeling right.  It got to around 90 today and although I spent thousands on A/C just last year, nothing at all coming out today.  I stopped at several dog parks today so the dogs could soak in ponds.  This afternoon there was a breeze at least which really helped.  Maybe if Sparkle ever does break down on this trip, I can get the A/C fixed at the same time.

Basically, my stomach is in knots and I feel like I could barf at any second.  Weak.  And I feel like my whole body’s been beaten up.  Kind of like after you do a big move and every muscle aches.  I did get in and out of the van a few thousand times today so maybe that’s it.  I was trying desperately to make a good dent in the TX list.  Didn’t get started til late because there was intense fog in the morning.  Weird.  I should be able to finish Houston tomorrow if I’m feeling right.

Early in the day, I stopped at THE Shipley’s on Ella Blvd.  This is the one with the old neon sign and I think make better donuts than the rest:

So I got two — time for the Dashboard Donut shot:

Cherry and nut (walnuts — no wimpy peanuts here).  I ate them both.  And that’s I think when my problems started.  I haven’t eaten anything since because I feel like I’m going to explode.  But I don’t blame Shipley’s.  Could be just a bad combo of heat, dehydration, and maybe too much sugar at once given that scenario.

Let’s move on to some signs.

Still an operating Sears — different location from the bus shelter than I posted over at Flickr tonight:

This place is gone:

Its building is still there:

This little strip mall has been luckier:

A cute little survivor.  The sign is nicer in person — sun was really glare-y here:

This fried chicken place had a sign I’ve not seen before.  Could this be an early Church’s or something?

This place caught my eye with its turrets and freestanding sign:

The owner came out & shared some of his vintage photos of the place.  Sadly the pylon part of the building to the right has been remodeled (no more pylon):

One last quirky building for tonight:

Back to bed.  Hoping I can sleep this thing off.

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