New Jersey Test Drive

I took the day off from my grueling work schedule & hit the road with the “kids”.  I wanted to make sure the new computer is indeed wi-fi friendly, Sparkle’s running right, Dee’s up for shooting, and all that before embarking on the upcoming five-week trip.  All good except for the crappy inverter for charging the computer via cigarette lighter.  The piece of junk just falls out the hole every few seconds — glad to find that out now so I can get a replacement.

The weather was pretty cooperative.  Some clouds rolled in at mid-day.  We were also stuck in traffic for at least an hour in Paterson.  It seems the rain earlier this week really hit NJ hard & all the rivers are overflowing.  Bridges barely passable (scary!) and giant puddle lakes.  Police cars stationed everywhere like barricades.  This photo shows what would normally be an intersection.  I don’t know how these folks are getting to their apartments — I guess they aren’t:

The dogs were happy to be running in new territory.  Found some big grassy spots here & there (even in urban Northern NJ).  However, it was pretty soggy everywhere & I got my shoes & socks wet early on and was stuck that way without spares since we were doing just a daytrip.

On with the signs & buildings…
From Jersey City — the Court House Pharmacy (yes, just across the street from the court house):

another sign from Jersey City — love the matching fire escape:

A former Woolworth in Hackensack:

with terrazzo floor at the doorways:

Another five & dime store — a local one in Closter from 1960:

Some nice mid-century features at St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in Westwood — dedicated 1964.  An electrician went in that side door and I had to stop myself from running in behind him to check out the stained glass & interior:

Glassman Drugs in Paterson is a real gem.  This photo not nearly so nice as it looked in person.  Neon over porcelain enamel tiles:

and the nicely weathered sign — with some remaining opal glass at the top.  Followers of my blog and fellow sign junkies already know — these translucent letters would have been lit from behind by bulbs:

A really nice skeleton sign (window sign) in Prospect Park at the King Garden Chinese restaurant:

And, lastly, a nice little Hess gas station office in Rockaway.  It seems these are really rare now — having been replaced with the big c-store buildings.  Guess this lot was too small for that.  Surely, the place was neat as a pin when the station first opened with no crap taped to the windows, etc.:

Exhausted from today’s sprint across NJ.  But the dogs & I are more than eager for the Next Big Trip.  Come on back y’all in a couple weeks!


Notes to newcomers: All my blog photos are “clickable” (clicking on them leads to bigger photos).  Also, I simultaneously post different photos each night to the “agilitynut” Flickr account while on these trips:

4 thoughts on “New Jersey Test Drive

  1. quick update on Tom’s Diner in Ledgewood, NJ
    The diner is from the late 1930s. The oldest Silk City is believed to the be West Shore Diner in LeMoyne, PA.
    I remember reading somewhere, maybe a comment on Spencer Stewart’s blog from last year, that the grandson of the owner was fixing to work on the diner and get it reopened.

    • I was hoping to hear from you about this one! Not sure where I got that info — will correct at Flickr & site. Sure no sign of fixing anything up. The interior just as depressing as the outside, maybe worse. By the way, folks if you’re reading this, the diner photo does not appear at this blog but over at my Flickr photos which were taken this same day.

  2. Glad to see that you made it back out again! I really look forward to my getting updates on your travels. Getting home from work, turning on the computer, and seeing your posts is the best! Thanks so much for all you do!

    • Thanks! That’s really nice of you to say. You’ll soon be getting a mega dose of nightly posts. Nine days and counting til the next five-weeker in TX & OK. There’s a slight chance I might sneak off to NJ again this Saturday if I can get out of work.

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