Brooklyn Aftermath

So some snow pictures as promised.  I thought I’d be smart and take iPhone to the park instead of Dee (the real camera).  But little “i” didn’t know what to make of the glare so the pictures were all pretty dark & crummy.  I tried.  It was brutal out there anyway.  The snow has stopped — about two feet of it.  Still blizzardy winds though that come up and blow snow in yer face – ouchy, cold and shocking. 

A few brave souls in the big meadow.  Cross country skiers and a few dogs hardier than mine.

My kids in their serious winter attire.  Sweaters under fleece-lined mini horse blankies.  Except for Nik who’s active enough and hates coats enough that he just does double sweaters.  Nik digs out a ball while Grem seeks possible crumbs.  Fix expresses pure disgust & misery by standing on three legs with her ears pinned.

A buried bench for depth of snow gauge:

Grip doesn’t mind snow:

As long as there’s a ball to be had, Nik wouldn’t notice if the earth was on fire:

We’ll see you all in the spring when this stuff has melted!

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