Brooklyn Aftermath

So some snow pictures as promised.  I thought I’d be smart and take iPhone to the park instead of Dee (the real camera).  But little “i” didn’t know what to make of the glare so the pictures were all pretty dark & crummy.  I tried.  It was brutal out there anyway.  The snow has stopped — about two feet of it.  Still blizzardy winds though that come up and blow snow in yer face – ouchy, cold and shocking. 

A few brave souls in the big meadow.  Cross country skiers and a few dogs hardier than mine.

My kids in their serious winter attire.  Sweaters under fleece-lined mini horse blankies.  Except for Nik who’s active enough and hates coats enough that he just does double sweaters.  Nik digs out a ball while Grem seeks possible crumbs.  Fix expresses pure disgust & misery by standing on three legs with her ears pinned.

A buried bench for depth of snow gauge:

Grip doesn’t mind snow:

As long as there’s a ball to be had, Nik wouldn’t notice if the earth was on fire:

We’ll see you all in the spring when this stuff has melted!

11 thoughts on “Brooklyn Aftermath

    • It’s pretty ridiculous here. But I guess the trains are running… back to work tonight. Don’t know if the roads will be cleared for the ride home though and I don’t really want to take the subway at 2am. The roads here have barely been touched (at noon).

  1. So are the pictures shown the good iphone shots? Nik’s shot reminds me of “MINE!”.
    Was hoping for a few street shots of your ‘ hood of covered cars & stuff. Those kind of pictures I really like.The last time I remember of a blizzard when still in Chicago was having to take the “L” ’cause the roads were so messed up & walking from there.
    Take care of you & your kids.

    • Yes, thought it was clear — the photos are w/ “i” (left Dee home). I did take some shots of cars/streets but decided to keep this post short w/just the dogs as promised (and to show proof of why cutting this trip short was a good idea). People can get enough street shots and covered cars on the news right now. And compared to the Midwest & Idaho, etc., this storm was probably no big deal. Also, this blog is not really so much about Me as about the stuff I encounter on the road. Me of course creeps in and of course the dogs are a big part of my travels — but life here in Brooklyn is not so relevant to my site or blog. I’m dreading tromping all the way to the subway to get to work tonight since the roads are barely plowed.

  2. dj, I’m mostly just commenting so I can turn on ‘site updates;’ why haven’t I ever done that before? I missed a couple mini-trips.

    How’s Sparkle doing in all this snow? I’m parked over on 11th and whoever shoveled the sidewalk next to me has buried my starboard; the driver behind me piled all their snow along my port, where the plow packed it in, nice and tight; the car in front is right up against my bumper — I won’t get my car out until March.

    Happy belated birthday and best wishes for 2011.

    • Ah yes — I spent two hours digging out Sparkle yesterday. My body’s pretty sore. I did about a B- job — still a lot of snow piled on the sidewalk side — and the plows have pushed up some more snow at me on the road side. I’m hoping Mom Nature will melt the rest. Best wishes for 2011!

  3. Hi, just wanted to say that I really enjoy all of your pictures (and stories). I have lived in Europe for the last 4 years (Belgium), and I miss miss miss the United States. I am from the Southwest, so I am fond of those parts, but we are moving to MO, so I will get a chance to experience some other parts. Thanks for an interesting read. Haven’t had time to make it through all of the archives, but I will when I get more time…and need to place a road trip. (=

    Thanks, Chuck

    • Thanks! It’s always nice to know folks are enjoying my blog. I have been busy for weeks now adding more Missouri stuff to my website from this summer’s trip — different stuff from what’s at my blog. I still have a huge pile to add from KS & IA. So you might want to check that stuff out and make notes for fun stuff to see when you move. I’ve got tons of stuff from the Midwest that should keep you plenty occupied.

  4. I was posting pics of some roadside architecture on my own blog, and I did an image search, looking for links. I’m glad I did! I love your site and your blog, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

    • Glad you’re enjoying my site & blog. The dogs and I will be heading to TX & OK for five weeks in 22 days. And counting. Been a long winter here. I’ll be posting here to the blog and Flickr nightly. Hope you’ll enjoy being a virtual passenger.

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