Day 4: quick hi from home

The dogs & I are safely home.  I’ll post the final blog post in the morning.  I’ve got the batch of photos all set to go but not enough umph to write right now.

Some general wrap-up talk.  I didn’t keep track of gas cost or miles for this trip.  But I can report no tickets if you’re keeping score.  Which is especially a good thing since tickets “count” in New York state for me (DMV points and insurance).  According to both of them from my clean record, I always obey the speed limit (ha!) and never do crazy/illegal maneuvers.

It’s 20 degrees warmer in NYC than it was in the Catskills.  NY state is way bigger than I thought it was.  After these two mini trips, I STILL have at least a couple more days worth of stuff on my list to shoot.  Maybe I can sneak off at Thanksgiving weekend and wrap up if I don’t have to work.

Meet y’all back here in the morning.  Nothing like the bed at home….zzzzz.

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