Day 3: Miles and miles in SW New York

OK, so technically, it’s called the Southern Tier I think.  But anyway, I’m referring to that little corner of NY state that touches PA just before it becomes OH.  As west as you can get.  Since south would be NYC.   Anyhow.  Lots of highways, few destinations, few stumble-intos.  So a very low volume, slow news day here.  Somewhat crappy weather.  But not so nearly annoying since I was mostly behind the wheel.

The dogs got cemeteries and fields here and there.  They’re all excited when they see water but it’s far too cold for that.  I’m sure they think I’m a big meanie for not pulling over.  I believe I’ve seen Nik glaring at me from the back “this trip sucks”.

So let’s go to the photos.  Not many.  And I’m posting in a frenzy since it’s already morning.  I petered out early last night.  Looks like another grey day out there but I’ve got a ton of stops before I hit the highway for home.

From Jamestown.  A twirling plastic Pepsi sign.  No longer twirling.  Never seen one like it.   There’s a pool place below now — so I’m just glad this sign is there at all.

I’ve been shooting a lot of former Minute Man (later Kwik Fills) gas stations on this trip.  It seems this building style was mostly used in this corner of NY & PA.  I’ve got a bunch at my site but here’s an example of what they look like – one from Rochester:

Never have I seen one so drastically made-over though!  In Jamestown:

A cute/nice hand-painted sign from West Valley, NY.  Not so cute/nice what happens to the cows though:

Also in West Valley — “Real Stuff Gallery & Gifts”” — with neat sculptures:

Gosh, this sign in Springville sure looks like a repurposed Dog N Suds drive-in sign:
although the plastic panels sure look original.  I don’t know if there ever were DNS restaurants in NY.  So I have no explanation….

And last one for the day — from the Chuck Wagon in Olean.  Had to be inspired by Wendover Will:

Gotta get rolling.  Next post will be tomorrow morning since I’ll be driving home tonight and will be absolutely beat when I get there.

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