Day 2: Buffalo Boogie

Hopefully boogie makes you think of racing through someplace not “boogers”.  Though with my lingering congestion…

Got lots of good sun today.  Though the first several hours though were more like a cloudy translucent film between us and Mr. Sun.  And then evening came much too quick.  Out of decent light at 6pm.  Miss those long summer days where I can shoot til 8.  But then again, I’ll get more sleep this way.

Dogs got tons of exercise today.   In addition to their usual quick runs, we stopped at Buffalo’s Central Station renovation where it seems they’re building a park or at least a big green vista.  Leave it to the dogs and I to break it in properly with racing about.  Later in the day, we checked out Buffalo’s big dog park at La Salle Park right on Lake Erie.  Probably not a lot of fun in winter with the cold wind but must be great for summer relief.  My guys ran in the big dog section until some big dogs started ganging up on Nik for his ball.  Back to the little dog area where Grem ran with a Springer twice her size until he got tired and she started bullying him for more running.  Fixie spends her dog park time making new people friends, hopping from lap to lap.  Grip stays close to me — since she knows these dog park dogs are usually inexperienced socializers:  pushy, often aggressive, and just plain dumb.

So that covers the weather and the dogs — on with the photos!   The day began in Niagara Falls.  Here are a couple of the lesser, non-lit signs that remain.  Here’s one that’s had a few makeovers. I have no idea of the original name:

Probably no bit of Parisian-ness left at this place now:

Still in Niagara Falls.  I believe this was a Howard Johnson’s based on the orange roof tiles and the apparently missing steeple.  But then again, the building shape just doesnt’s seem right.  It’s almost like a merging of their gate lodge and restaurant buildings.  Or maybe I’m just tired and forgetting some layout.  Regardless, I was amused by the trading post makeover.  And the tourists at the right.  Koreans maybe?  They were all giddy over the helicopter ride taking place on the left of the frame.  I did the right thing and took a photo of the three of them together with their best camera.

Moving on to Buffalo.  OK, so this may look like ghostie Halloween decorations to you — but to a van full of terriers — this is 50 white rats on a lawn.  Insert sound effects of screaming and barking and humiliating pandemonium while Mom’s off shooting a building across the street.

This was today’s kick to the gut.  One of my fave Buffalo gas stations — now abandoned and denuded and probably doomed.  Here’s a scuzzy photo from 2005 for comparison:
Originally (1930s I believe), the wedding cake topper which is/was all glass and shone like a beacon.  Heavy sigh.

I went to one of those architectural salvage places hoping to get a glimpse of the old Tunmore Oldsmobile sign which I was told quite awhile back had been moved here.  Apparently, no longer there that I could see — but there was this wonderful sign instead.  No one to ask re: this one or the Tunmore sign since all locked up on a Sunday.  Apparently from a quick Google poke, Streng was another local Oldsmobile dealer which closed in 1998.  Oldsmobile was fond of rocket imagery in their ads and signs. But I haven’t seen another sign like this one though:

Voelker’s Bowling Center features these two “can’t-miss-it” rooftop signs —

and this smaller but much more interesting sign – unfortunately stuck behind nearly opaque plexiglass.  The other side was worse.  Certainly, this was fun animated neon originally with a rolling ball & flying pins:


OK – let’s go off on a tangent, shall we?  Parkside Candies.  If you haven’t been.  Go.  I’ve been before, many times.  But somehow, I missed this great sign back in the parking lot.  If you don’t already recognize it, that’s opal glass.  Translucent letters lit with bulbs from inside the sign.  Most of these signs, and they are really rare, have some breakage — which I find charming really since it draws attention to its construction and fragility.  I’m always on the prowl for these so if you discover any more of these, email me.  Immediately.

Here’s the building — and some interior shots.  For a close-up of the exterior sign, you’ll have to go over to my Flickr photos from tonight.

Ice cream as well — though I’ve never tried it:

And I was happy to plunk down $18-something to show my support.  As usual.  Them thar’s a big box o’ truffles.  And there’s probably only a slim chance that any of them will make it back to Brooklyn:

Moving on… to West Seneca.  Now, I can’t attest to the goodness of this place since I’m a vegetarian and all.  But if I were the meat-eating type, I’d probably give Schwabl’s a shot.  Since 1837 — and they’re obviously taking good care of that sign and keeping it on day and night.  Some nice gory meat photos at Flickr — but no good nighttime shots of the sign.  Come on folks!

On the reservation, the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation that is, Indian imagery is cool not racist.  These giant guys urge you to fill up your tank.  And so I did.

Meet you all back here tomorrow night — send more sun.

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