Day 1: New York Quickie Trip

The dogs and I are sneaking off for a few days.  Might be three or four days depending on the weather and my productivity.  This mini trip is an attempt to finish the previous NY trip where I had to ditch the entire Buffalo to NYC southern path when time ran out.  Two interfering circumstances on this little trip:

#1:  We’re in a “mixed weather pattern” — having just had a brush with a Nor’easter.  I’ve been studying the forecast all week.  Expected sun today but got clouds and sprinkles.  Dammit.  As soon as I finished some stops around Albany and hit the interstate for a few hours, naturally, the sun came out.  Didn’t get to my destination (just west of Buffalo) until late afternoon — so I didn’t get to capitalize photo-wise on the weather but it was very pretty, fall foliage and all, and the dogs enjoyed the spa-like dozing.  With occasional outbursts from the two yung-uns who didn’t get nearly enough exercise today.

#2:  I’ve got a nasty cold.  I never get sick.  Never ever.  But I had the misfortune of sitting in a super cold corner at work a couple nights ago and that was that.  A saner person would be home in bed instead of fighting traffic and cranking through lists.  The dogs hate it when I cough — they usually jump sky high with shock and fear.   But they’re getting over it now.  Despite only three hours sleep, I think I might be pulling through this thing.  My throat is sore and I’m loaded with congestion but the fever is over.

Enough whining!  Let’s get to the photos so that I might get a reasonable night’s sleep tonight.  Five hours would be great!  Peekskill was on the way to one stop so I did a quickie pass through town.  Though I’ve been through many times before, I missed a few things.  Including this nice trio:

The big guy on the right appears to be a 1940s-ish department store.  Guy in the middle a deco-ish bank with neat lettering.  And a far left is a Woolworth-y building & sign but GREEN.  That really throws me.  Kresge & Woolworth were always red.  And this didn’t appear to be repainted.  Not this side or the identical sign at the back of the building.  Anybody know the deal?

Also in Peekskill — a couple of nice vitrolite-faced bldgs.  This one with those nice stainless steel freestanding letters — and unusual display windows:

This one also incredible display windows and some terrazzo:

I’ve been wanting to shoot this guy in Albany for awhile now.  Went to the Huck Finn Warehouse hoping to get a close-up but there’s absolutely no way to shoot him from over there.  You’re stuck pulling over on the shoulder of I-787 and hoping a trooper doesn’t catch you.  There was a huge grassy field between the shoulder and Huck that I was really tempted to walk through to get closer – but thought better of it.  I’ve no idea how old this sign is but it’s BIG (note stairs on the right for scale):

A couple mid-century buildings across the street from each other in Schenectady:

More brick & stone — and colored brick glass:

And lastly, let’s not forget my traveling buds.  Tis the season:

I didn’t mess with posing much for this scene.  WAY to dangerous with busy traffic on the road behind these guys.  Took three photos and had them hop immediately back in the van (Sparkle’s tire at left).

The serious seniors (Fix & Grip):

The challenging youth (‘Nik & Grem):

Big day in Buffalo and beyond tomorrow.  Sun would really be nice.

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