Day 4: NY Mini Trip Wrap-Up

Back to our routine here.  The dogs got their usual park run this morning and have four days of sleep to catch up on.  I’ve got my big screen TV and leftover chocolates.  So it’s almost nice to be home.  If only I didn’t have to work tonight.

A very productive day yesterday.  But it was still frustrating having the sun fade at 6pm and having to put away the list and remaining maps. I was tempted to stay another night and shoot some more stuff in the morning before heading home.  But for once, I did the sensible thing.

Let’s start the show with this one in Owego – at Owego Soft Serve.  I assume this world’s cutest ice cream truck is driving around locally:

Just down the road still in Owego — an unidentified mini golf course which must be owned by Metro’s Restaurant next door.  The course itself looks new — fresh brickwork and greens.  I don’t know the history of the sign but I assume it’s been repurposed either from a previous business here or brought from somewhere else.  Love the neon trio of club, ball and hole:

This fun plastic sign is from Candor.  According to the owner, it was originally the Brush & Palette Tavern:

A decently intact Imperial 400 Motel in Cortland.  More about the chain here:
Flickr group here:

I was anxious to reshoot this place since the last time I shot it in 2007, it was pretty much at night:
But today was painting day.  So I’ll revisit Cortland yet again another time.  This was believed to be a gas station originally.  A Texaco possibly initially.  A Hess later on.  But it’s been Coffee Mania for many years now.  They are sprucing up here — yellow and purple paint to match the company’s logo.

Not enough doggie pix on this trip for some of you.  So here’s one of Grippie and one of her peculiar, adorable habits.  Before settling in for a good long snooze, she does that puppy/kitten thing of blankie sucking, combined with paw kneading and eye rolling.

In Cortland in the afternoon, we finally got real sun — not the overcast murky stuff — and pretty clouds.  True, this is not one of the building eras that I normally shoot — but this one looked so good illuminated.  And even more heroic without adjacent buildings which must’ve been there originally:

Also in Cortland:  an unexpected used car lot sputnik.  I put a close-up of it over at Flickr last night:
(see caption at that photo for a link to more signs of this same style)

I’ve always loved this sign in Vestal.  The swimmer, bubbles, lettering — all embossed:

In Endicott — a mid-century, flower power-ish sign on a metal slipcover — superimposed over what looks like a 1940s storefront:

Painted plywood mowing woman — never noticed her before — maybe she’s new?

Still hanging in there — in Endwell:

On to Binghamton – a little strip of stores.  Ellis Bros. still open & the sign lit (even here during the day).  Phil’s Gift Shop is vacant though.

Both of these stores are deep enough to have entrances and signs on two other streets.  Here’s the west side of Ellis.  Perfect vitrolite tile and a reworked neon sign:

And here’s the south side of former Phil’s.  Check out the variety of display windows here.  Makes you try to imagine what every street in America used to look like with all those glorious window displays.  When people really DID walk around downtown and window shop.

This one caught my eye downtown — and then I realized — nut shop!  Followers of my blog know that I have a thing for nuts.  Had to pull over….

and seeing that door mat… I couldn’t pull it back fast enough since I had my suspicions.  Most nut shops were originally Planters Peanuts shops — and sure enough, this was one! 

Opened 1923 or so and still had the original peanut roasting machine inside.  It’s still in use but unfortunately no more Mr. Peanut riding it.  Great display cases and old-time atmosphere.  I got my usual:  a half pound of Bridge Mix.  It’s fantastic and I’m especially happy that there are no Whoppers in there.  For more former Planters shops, see this page at my site:

Last stop of the trip was in Deposit where the light began fading.  So we’ll end this photo round there.  Pretty much as this trip’s blog posts began back in Peekskill — with a vitrolite storefront:

and a couple fun signs:

Thanks for tagging along and entertaining me with your comments.  I hope you enjoyed the brisk air and fall foliage and glimpses of things in the Empire State.   Back with another mini trip soon.  Hopefully, in just a month or so.  The “What’s New” page at the site has a list for the where & when:

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