Day 27: Missouri Ozarks and Beyond

The morning got off to a slow start in Branson which was way tackier in a modern way than I’d imagined (never been there before).  I thought this was nice/fun for a new sign though:

One of the very few oldies in town:

Then we were off for a lot of windy roads and one-stops in small towns.  This one is in Forsyth. That’s a C-152 Lectra on top — like this one (note video in the caption):

I found an old postcard of the place and it appears they originally had a Neo-Lectra (produced by the same company) in its place:

More about Neo-Lectras here:

This sign’s from Cabool:

This soda sign is above an antiques dealer in Ava:

A former Dog N Suds in West Plains:

Moving on to a big town now — Springfield where I got to shoot some new stuff (old but new to me) and check on lots of stuff I hadn’t seen in five years.  Anybody know what Anton’s was originally?  Apparently, some sort of drive-in.

Lots of other great signs in Springfield:

These signs are behind the Mexican Villa:

I’ve seen several of these buildings on this trip.  I’m assuming they were initially banks.  This is the first I’ve seen with this plastic ball which appears to be original:

Just wonderful.  From the inflation level of the tires, it doesn’t appear that they drive this Muffler Car around anymore.  Pipes on front and back.

Last one for the day — also from Springfield.  A very sign-heavy posting today — hope you don’t mind.  It’s not that I prefer signs over buildings — it’s just that they tend to be more plentiful and less messed-with than buildings.  While this Danny’s sign appears to be nothing special, take a look at the scroll-y neon surrounding it.  I haven’t seen that before.

Here’s the plan, if you’re interested.  Tomorrow will be more I-44 hugging towns — up to the Lakes region.  Then the weekend should be all St. Louis.  Monday or Tuesday wrapping up SE Missouri.  Then the rest of the trip, hitting a prioritized sampling of the other states en route to home.  Five weeks is a long time away.  My email inbox is bursting.  I’ve got enough photos for the site to keep me busy til spring.  And it would be nice to be getting more sleep and eating more salads.

12 thoughts on “Day 27: Missouri Ozarks and Beyond

    • I love the muffler car, too. There seem to be way more interesting signs than bldgs. in this part of MO. Not much Deco or MCM around. But tomorrow’s St. Louis so I’m sure there will be tons of everything.

  1. DJ, I’m on the road in MN(At the Tindall’s). I came through southern Illinois. The one thing you don’t seem to have on your site(you had a few others I was drooling over, like the Bowling sign in Herrin I believe.) But in Eldorado. there is a nice sign for the “NEAL Motel” and it us currently upright, but on the ground in front of the 4 unit motel on US Rt 45. I wish I could show you a pic, but I don’t have a cord for my camera, and I won’t be home til next Thursday.

    • Eldorado, IL is way south — like SE of St. Louis. How did you find yourself there en route to or from MN? Just before my trip, I remember reading about a sign shoved behind a building, visible from the Subway behind it. I think it might have been Hwy 45. It’s in my notes somewhere but not accessible given the mess my life is at the moment.

  2. also, before I log off. You don’t have the Tierney in royalton, IL (I showed Gordon Tindall photos and he said it is a Tierney, so you heard it here first!)
    (google “royal diner” royalton)
    and the decent movie theatre in murphysboro (this is online)

    • Royalton is SE of St. Louis so I guess you really were down there. I’ll see if that diner is on my list already. I guess you mean the Liberty Theatre in Murphysboro. That one looks so-so. I might get it if I’m nearby. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Uh, oh. You’ve hit the ‘gotta have a salad’ stage of the trip and you’ve got a week and a half to go. Pace yourself kiddo.

    • I think I’ve gained five pounds on this trip — despite lots of walking and sweating profusely. But those snacks are catching up with me! I’ll have salad every day when I get home.

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