Day 13: Hiya from Iowa

Many, many miles and stops today.  Had a late rendez-vous with a sign for a night shot. But turned out not to be lit.  Lots of emails and Flickr comments to reply to and suddenly, it’s nearly 2am.  I have some photos ready to post here but I’ve just run out of steam.  I can barely type right now.  The cumulative effect of all those 3-4 hrs. per night of sleep.  I’ll post to Flickr in the morning.  Otherwise, I promise a double blog & photo batch tomorrow night.  Sorry for the disappointment.

[Update 8/6 Friday at 7:30am CST – at least I got the Flickr stuff up this morning.  Sun’s up and we’re off!  Hopefully, we’ll finish up Iowa today and start on Missouri]

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