Day 3: More from Ohio

The weather gods were with us — mostly sun all day.  Warmer but not deadly like the past couple weeks.  Covered a lot of ground & hoping to finish up Ohio tomorrow.  Although, I’m considering breaking from my list and heading over to Marblehead for a quickie.  That’ll eat up some valuable time but the Prehistoric Forest (incredible, old dinosaur statues) is supposedly closing for good at the end of the year.  It would be nice to reshoot it.  Between sobs.

Thought I might finish up early tonight — but I had a lot of email to reply to and other odds and ends.  Now it’s after midnight once again.  Those doggie videos might have to wait til I get home at this rate.  All is well otherwise — settling into a groove.  Sparkle running like a champ.  No mysterious humming at all this morning.

Let’s get to it.  There are not enough theme car washes — or theme anything — these days.  Maybe it’s tacky, but I give them full credit for the effort.  This one was in Ashtabula.  I saw another location somewhere else in Ohio today:

We must assume this was the Lake Breeze Motel or Cottages originally.  I believe this was in Perry — right there at the Lake Erie shore.  Still there, still in business:

From Cleveland.  Are you all old enough to remember when gas stations actually did repairs?  And pre-Jiffy Lube, you could get your oil changed there, flats fixed, all that.  Even directions and maps!  Now you’re lucky if the folks that work there know where Main Street is. 

In Akron, an abandoned high school has been repurposed for Halloween (and other events I assume) as the “Haunted High School”.  I find these guys really scary.  I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight:

Here’s more info about the place:

Also in Akron — time for a mid-afternoon snack!  The first ice cream of the trip.  Stricklands is a local chain famous for their frozen custard:

and, man, was it good!  I set it on the hood to take this photo and it nearly became a puddle as I focused.  This was one of the flavors of the day:  Black Raspberry.  I had them add a little chocolate syrup and nuts just to make it extra sensational.

I stumbled upon this event in Akron:  prep-ing for a soap box derby.  Now, I know nothing about this stuff — but the cars are beautiful and varied:

I wish I could have stuck around to see some practicing but way too many things to shoot and Missouri and Kansas beckon…  Anyway, this is the hill that they go down.  Someone told me they are going about 30mph at the bottom of the hill.

Let’s see — time for some mid-century concrete don’t you think?  How about this spiral-y parking garage.  A little different design from most:

And last one for today — gotta love human-styled food.  Or any humanified objects of any kind.  I believe this guy was in Bedford:

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