Day 4: Here, there and Everywhere in Ohio

I succumbed to my inner child today and headed on over to Marblehead after I finished up my Cleveland stuff.  So that added a whole bunch of miles and boring, photo-less highway time.  But oh, so worth it.  I sort of reported already about Prehistoric Forest (the reason for my jaunt) — but basically, I have a good feeling that these dinosaur statues will survive after all.  Maybe some person will come along and reopen the place.

As much as I raced around (Cleveland, Columbus, Marblehead and points in all directions from there), I still have a decent sized chunk of OH to do tomorrow.  Despite the race against time, I gave the dogs a couple of nice long swims & runs.  A little Lake Erie romp at the harbor while I was in Marblehead — and then a stop at the Big Walnut dog park in Columbus which is one of our faves.  It was actually the first dog park of the trip.  The rest of the stops have all been “illegal” grab & gos at fields, rivers, etc. as they’ve been presented to us.  No doggie videos tonight that’s for sure — I’ll barely get three hours sleep tonight as it is.

This will be a quickie post since I have a 5am date tomorrow (oh, it’s 12:30, so I guess I mean in a few hours  — uh oh).  I’ll leave you in suspense until tomorrow night as to what this “date” is about.  I put a big batch of photos over at Flickr tonight so if you need a fix, head over there.

This place is in Lorain.  I’m always relieved to see they haven’t messed with the lettering & stripes:

Elliott’s hamburger stand is in Marion.  There’s a modern plastic sign by the main road at this place.  I assume this one was out there before & glad they moved it to the back of the parking lot.

And lastly (see, I told you this would be quick!), from West Jefferson.  I assume this building was all tediously organized stone at one time.  Now it’s sort of like a reptile shedding its skin:

Gotta go set that alarm now.  Some vacation, huh?

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