Day 2: PA Wrap-up & Into OH

The weather was very uncooperative in the morning.  Cloudy/foggy and then rained for several hours.  I did what I could with that.  Around 2pm, all that cleared and it was glorious sun and clouds.  The temperate was about 20 degrees cooler — maybe 80 tops?  Didn’t run the A/C once today.

Getting a very late start here in posting.  Lots of emails and misc. stuff.  Now it’s suddenly 1:20am — yikes!  So let’s roll right into the photos.  And I have quite a bunch!

I finally got around to some places that have been on my list for awhile.  Two of the categories (carousels & kiddie rides) at my website are troublesome because they are often located at big amusement parks or zoos with hefty admission + parking charges.  Most of the time, I can sweet talk myself in by speaking to an authority figure.  But sometimes, I’m forced to shell out $20 or so for 15 minutes of shooting.  If it’s a museum, I don’t mind so much.  Or a small amusement park.  But I still refuse to deal with the crowds and $40 admission for the big Six Flags places.  Plus there’s the added complication of what to do with the dogs while I’m inside.  Grem is usually barking her head off so I worry the Humane Society will be there with handcuffs when I get back.

But of course, I would never leave my dogs in a hot vehicle.  I always find shade.  And today was a blessing weatherwise.  I made it to Waldameer Park finally for some kiddie rides and to shoot the giant pirate.  And then the Erie Zoo.  I have really mixed feelings about giving zoos money.  Supposedly the money goes to wildlife conservation and “education”.  Can’t people just watch videos of these animals?   Anyhow, they got my $7 for their Endangered Species carousel.  The animals that I passed made me feel very sad.  Pacing, semi-autistic behaviors.  Tiny spaces.  Yes, the cages are gone at these places but there is just not nearly enough space for what I consider a healthy existence.  Check out Mr. Polar Bear and his tiny pool.  And he had to be pretty miserable this past week with 100 degree weather:

The entrance was nice though:

Ziggity-zaggety from Erie:

Dying a slow death — also in Erie:

A front yard adornment in Erie:

A couple old gas station signs — the location of this one must be here in my notes somewhere…  can’t find it… pretty sure it was Erie:

This one from West Middlesex, PA:

I finally got around to reshooting these guys.  Sculptures made with PENNDOT traffic signs in Meadville:

Also in Meadville:

Nik happy to pose for scale with today’s novel roadtrip snack.  (His ball is hidden behind and supporting the bag — a photographer’s trick.)  Actually, the bag was just a small one — and you probably aren’t sure how big Nik is anyway.   I expected this stuff to be nasty but it was incredibly good.  I’d get it again and I’m not even a potato chip eater ordinarily.  Extra thick as promised and mildly sweet:

The kids got lots of water romping in even though it was cooler.  The also got some water gazing in — Conneaut Lake.  Taken while driving, of course.  The clouds were spectacular today — worth putting up with all that rain for I guess.  The girls were in the back, probably snoozing (they are the “seniors” and need more rest).  Grem balancing on my left arm for the best view:

Nik, although still wet from swimming, wishing for more:

I took some videos of the dogs at the water today — but that’ll have to wait til tomorrow or the next night I finish up early.

More signs — this one from Greenville, PA:

Jug Handle Pizza from Transfer, PA (this one’s for you Rick!).  Seems this part of PA has those annoying jug handle u-turns like those in NJ.  If you want to turn left, you have to go all the way to the right and circle back around.  I like this literal interpretation.  And the hole in this guy’s head (from the revenoors?) leaking liquor:

Into Ohio, finally, for the next couple days.  This sign which must have been a “spinner” in Struthers:

At the Perfect Party Place — in Warren I believe:

Also in Warren:

And lastly, let’s close out with this crazy rant decorated building in Struthers:

Hope you enjoyed the show.  I’ll try to settle down sooner tomorrow — 2am here.  No proofing or spell check tonight!

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