Day 12: Thank you Florida!

I knew I could count on you.  A glorious day of sun, beaches for the dogs, and fun little discoveries en route to other destinations.  I snuck in some more Georgia stops close to the FL border this morning as well.  Not a high volume photo day since I was on the interstate logging lots of miles.  Tomorrow, should be able to finish this quick skim along the FL Panhandle and head into AL.  Probably three days of AL ahead.  Then similar amounts of time for MS & LA.

I’m trashed from all the driving and not much sleep.  Plus I had a mild bout of food poisoning today I think.  I’ll spare you the details but at one point in the afternoon, I needed a bathroom NOW and luckily was able to find one quickly.  So let’s get to the photos.

This church in Sparks, GA uses a model of their building for their sign:

This building looks pretty strange for a gas station but that’s what it must’ve been.  In Adel, GA:

This one in Hahira, GA goes into the “what were they thinking?” category.  I hope that gigunda canopy over the door doesn’t fall and crush someone one day.  And that wood covering is hideous – just my opinion.

A fairly intact former Imperial 400 Motel:

Since we were near the water a lot today in FL, my ears were constantly assaulted by over-eager, beach-loving dogs.  I posted a video over at Flickr tonight:

When not making me crazy, most of the time Nik spends his time in the very back of the van snoozing.  I have a good set up for him of blankets on top of all the organized plastic bins.  So he has complete privacy, sun and a great view.  But every once in a while, he peeks up and I see him in the rear view mirror like this (over-the-shoulder photo taken while driving, of course).  I guess he’s making sure we’re all still there?:

And, in closing, let’s turn our attention to Florida’s Welcome / Citrus Centers.  I guess technically this one is a GA Welcome Center since it’s on the GA side of I-75.  Can anyone identify what this building originally was used for (cause I don’t know)?

This one has me stumped as well (now where was this? I’d have to go get my notes which are not handy right now):

But at least I know that this one in Jacksonville was a Stuckey’s restaurant, right?:

17 thoughts on “Day 12: Thank you Florida!

    • I was 100% sure when I took the photo. Then I looked for some links to put with it last night and the roofs that I saw were slighting pointier – not flat so I had some doubt.

  1. I believe your mystery building off I-75 just north of the GA/FL border was Candyland. I remember stopping there as a kid.


    • All good now. I don’t know what that was – but my system completely evacuated and I was dying for about ten minutes. Seeing spots as well like I was going to pass out. Never happened before. And after that episode, right back to normal. I think food poisoning lasts much longer than that – 24 hours? So this must have been the super mini version. Human oil change?

  2. i think the republicans are poisoning our food supply…. in revenge for healthcare passing.

    the video of the dogs is amazing — i couldn’t listen with sound at work tonight and their barking was so much more like talking, whining, i couldn’t believe it.

    what are you going to do about the ignition issue? can you stop for that?

    • I could stop for that — but hate dealing with mechanical stuff and wasting hours and hours when I could be shooting. I’ve had three days without a key stick. Plus I had a garage show me how to detach the battery cable with a wrench if I need to. I’m probably going to go with that method if need be. It’s been turning off the engine, never on, that’s the problem. Happened 3 or 4 times now and really freaks me out. But I drive a bit and then it’s fine.

  3. I’m not convinced the Deco place was a gas station, it doesn’t look like there were pumps? There is a stand there for a probable sign. My thoughts are it was a) built to be a small drive up restaurant as it is now b) a bus station – local lines probably c) a taxi dispatch

    • Could be any of those I suppose — your guess is as good as mine. Adel is a very small town – doubt it was a taxi stand. A little fancy for such a small town’s bus station — usually those were just boxy. The small canopy seems most befitting for a gas station rather than a drive-in restaurant. I’m sure someone in Adel would know but I’m a little swamped at the moment.

    • Actually, I do have the Seafood Shack in my blog as being in Adel. Take another look — the references to my photos precede them. The colon indicates the photo I’m describing comes after the statement / description.

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