Day 11: Zipping thru SC and GA

I limited myself to just a few stops in SC today.  Then decided to focus on a bunch of stuff I had in the Atlanta area.  Wound up settling down in Macon, GA for the night.  Since I’m so far behind, I’ll be up at the crack of dawn to get us as close as possible to the FL border by daybreak.  I could easily make a month-long trip out of all the VA, SC, GA stuff I’ve had to scratch on this trip.  But next spring’s trip will supposedly focus on TX & OK.  I wish there was some way I could make a living doing this stuff and I didn’t have this gotta-get-home-for-work time limit.

I guess it goes without saying now that it rained most of the day.  More grey & spotty photos.  The weather forecast is for some sun for a couple days then back to rain.  I heard on the radio that there was snow in northern MS so I guess it’s wet all over the South right now.  Atlanta only made it up to 40-something today.   The dogs are getting their exercise in vacant lots which have been plentiful. 

Let’s get cracking with the photos since I won’t get much sleep tonight.  Sorry if my posts haven’t been witty lately.  I’m beat!  If you’re new to this game, I write these things after midnight and I don’t proof or edit later.  It is what it is.

The Krispy Kreme in Spartanburg, SC has abandoned their old building and sign for digs across the street.  Actually, they moved about four years ago so it’s a miracle that these remains are still there.  There are very few examples of this style building/sign left now.  It’s very sad how dullsville Krispy has become.  The workers said they needed “more room” but also complained about how the place was too big — back and forth all day long from front to back.

Also in Spartanburg, this cleaners is still hanging in.  Hanger sign and butterfly roof – doesn’t get much better than that:

One of the main reasons that I went to Anderson, SC was to check out their giant fishes.  They were way better than the typical city art-project statues.  But they’ve gotten rid of them all.  And instead are now featuring little life-sized sculptures of wrens around town.  Once I got over my disappointment, I thought it was kind of cool.

I actually did take a food photo for you yesterday in Charlotte.  A Banana Cream Pie sundae from Dairy Queen — but it came out super blurry.  So I’ll offer you this lame display today instead.  I’m not a fan of citrus drinks or any soda other than Diet Coke, but I got this SunDrop since it was produced in Gastonia, NC.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected.  The middle item is my beloved Stride berry-flavored gum.  I became a chain chewer about a year ago.  And then, lastly, Reese’s has produced a “dark” version of their peanut butter cups.  I love anything with peanut butter and anything with nuts so this was an easy sale.  Still prefer the milk chocolate version.

A neat bowling sign from Anderson, SC.  I don’t know if it still works under that plastic cover.  I’d love to know that it does and that the balls are lit sequentially into an explosion of pins.  Anyone know?

Biggar Antiques in Chamblee, GA has loads of interesting signs and stuff.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow photography inside the shop.  There was a great old waving chef sign that I would have loved to document.  They did allow me to take a photo of this guy.  “Ben” stands right at the register and keeps an eye on things.  He looked ready to ring up a sale.

I saw this graffiti/art in Atlanta.  I thought I might understand it when I looked at it later.  But I still don’t.  It also reminds me of some of the crazy flow charts I create at work that I don’t understand either:

And lastly, even though it’s one of the worst photos ever, I’ll include it.  Reflections, rain & bugs on the windshield – but I think you can still make it out.  One of Sparkle’s siblings working as a Checker Cab in Atlanta.  Never seen an Astro Van cab before!

13 thoughts on “Day 11: Zipping thru SC and GA

      • I forget (not a current resident) but seems Hampton originally had a very similar sign, but it got damaged/replaced with the new one. Seeing the old sign in Spartanburg seemed like deja vu all over again, and I think that’s why. I think . . .

        Anyway, the old Sburg KK is great. Thanks a bunch.

    • Thanks! What do I know about cartoons — I pretty much only have TV on in the background during the day (news, crime shows) & then whatever I can find at 3am when I get home from work.

  1. I agree about Krispy Kreme, the new stores have no personality at all, I’ve come across a few old stores recently but none of still had the crown, in Richmond the building is new but the sign is old, (unfortunately no neon but pretty nice for a backlit sign), Daytona has a nice sign but it is small.

    I agree Roadsidenut about that wall being an ad for the cartoon network

    • To avoid confusion (or add to it), I have two monikers to go with my dual lifestyle (agilitynut & roadsidenut). And now it looks like I have two Ricks to keep track of! Yes, the plastic KK signs are mighty fine — just their design and size alone. I have heard that the old Chattanooga KK might be gone. Will have to check on that when I get home if I don’t make it there on this trip.

      Oh, ok – Cartoon Network. I had no idea!

  2. 2 great Krispy Kremes that I know of that are now gone were in Jacksonvillle Fl and Bristol TN, both had great buildings and signs. The building in Jacksonville is still there, I think the site in Bristol is now a chain pharmacy.

    Jacksonville FL Feb 2010

  3. “I wish there was some way I could make a living doing this stuff and I didn’t have this gotta-get-home-for-work time limit.”

    I concur! So many times I have wished that. So many.

    I was in Kentucky a few years ago and came across a KK sign like that with an older building. I was so excited! I never realized they could look like that as all the locations here are “Meh.”

    And butterfly roofs are quite orgasmic for me! I love those. Great pictures.

  4. Hey Girl-
    Been following along and enjoying the pictures. When you going to make it to Kansas?!

  5. The one north of Memphis where you can barely make out Angelo is “Angelo’s Food Basket” which was a grocery store that went out of business about 15-20 years ago.

    Great blog. I love it!

    • Thanks for the I.D. A “food basket” makes sense. Glad you’re enjoying my blog. The dogs and I will be hitting the road again in a few weeks. A quickie 4-day trip at the end of March — and then another biggie five-weeker at the end of April. Come join us here for the nightly posts — and different photos each night over at Flickr.

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