Day 13: More Northeast Indiana

The day didn’t start out too well.  A seatbelt ticket in Wabash.  Got pulled over by a muscle-bound motorcycle cop.  A little printer right there in his saddlebag.  But hey, only $25 — five times cheaper than a parking ticket in NYC!  Click-it or ticket.  Still no speeding tickets yet and boy have I deserved them on this trip.  I do try to hang with the pack when it comes to speeding.  It is kind of like a herd of gazelles never knowing when a hungry lion will strike.  You’re better off in the middle.

No doggie news — which is a good thing.  Nik’s toe or leg seems better.  I gave him just one good run in the morning and then tried to keep him quiet after that.  I didn’t find any water sources today.  I’m a lot more skeptical of potential fishing spots right now.  It’s possible he might have stepped on a lure or gotten his leg tangled in some line.

Progress report:  it looks like I’m running about a day behind right now.  According to the schedule, we should have finished Indiana today and there’s about a day’s worth of stuff left — even hustling.  I do want to do a thorough job with Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.  After that, I might have to shave some Kansas and Missouri.  Maybe pick up those pieces next year.

On with the photos!  This one was in Wabash, shortly after my encounter with the law:


These next two are from Huntington and go in the “What Were They Thinking” category.  This perfectly nice streamliney stone building is obscured by some giant piece of plastic crap.  I could not figure out what that ridiculous thing was.  Just a few feet deep — not enough to be a canopy.  I love the modern mini microvan next to the macho trucks.


And this thing — god knows!  What were they covering up?  Who in their right mind thought this up and who at the City gave it the go-ahead?  Right there on Main St.  Sorry about Sparkle’s butt in this photo — I wasn’t taking this picture all that seriously.


I stopped in at Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington.  It was recommended by someone that I get the butterscotch pie.  Now, I’m no expert on pie — other than the slice back in Sidney, OH, I haven’t had pie in years.  I was kind of expecting cream pie to be a little more solid but it seems this version was more liquid than pudding.  Tasted just fine though but I was glad I had a spoon in the glovebox.  The pie was resting befittingly on the section of Indiana that we were tackling today.


Lots of good stuff in Fort Wayne.  If I’ve been there before, it was only briefly.  This time I came armed with a list of about 30 things.  Neon missing but it looks like they keep maintenance on this sign seriously otherwise.  And I love this stone that appears everywhere, on everything in Indiana.


Another pretty sign in Fort Wayne that I’m sure looks nothing like it did originally.  Bonus points for the depiction of the steaming bowl:


This cute-as-hell BBQ shack-mobile was in a shopping center in Fort Wayne. Where’s the moonshine still though?


Cindy’s Diner in downtown Fort Wayne is on a busy corner.  They have several bird feeders and suet holders hanging from the side of the diner’s awning which are well attended.  The birds wait in the nearby trees and then swoop down grab a few bites between gaps in pedestrian traffic.  This goldfinch was the bravest of the bunch.  He kept an eye on me though.  Not being a nature photographer at all, I wasn’t sure what setting I was supposed to use since I was about 30 feet away from this guy.  Get out the tripod and use “Action”?  No time to fuss so I just used my normal auto setting and “Dee” did pretty good anyway.  There’s only a slight blur to the bird’s face.


A few signs from Fort Wayne:




How could I resist this roadsnack?  Poker Chips!  Haven’t seen these before.  I give them a B- for flavor, an A for design.



A hardware store in downtown Auburn still alive and kicking:


Not usually my era, but lots of neat buildings in Kendallville:



And finally, this big guy in Elkhart.  I’m not sure how old he is or if he is a modern replica of an older sign.  A shame about the LED though.  I don’t understand why cities forbid neon but allow LED — I find these flashing, texty signs far more distracting.


OK — time to run now.  Looks like another sunny, perfect day.

15 thoughts on “Day 13: More Northeast Indiana

  1. I am really enjoying this blog, especially the photos. I just came back from a trip myself and probably roadtrip about once or twice on average a year. While I don’t have much patience for it, it’s fun to see the old/new and odds/ends of everywhere.

    Plus, quotes like “This perfectly nice streamliney stone building is obscured by some giant piece of plastic crap” is what make my day. Keep it up!

    • Glad you are enjoying my blog! I usually avert my eyes when I see the ugly stuff — but I couldn’t help myself with those two. It seemed they required documentation. We should start on Illinois tomorrow afternoon & be in Chicago in roughly four days.

  2. Gunnar: Had a great time in Fort Wayne. I’m sure I missed stuff & will be back someday.

    didi: Just arrived in Illinois an hour ago. Probably enough good stuff around that I won’t have time to shoot the uglies. But I’ll be on alert for anything particularly special in that way.

  3. Your sign for Woodard’s Auto Sales is in Marion, not Wabash. You should have gotten hold of me, I could have directed you to some more signs in Marion.

    • Ooops — thanks for catching that. I write these blogs posts at around 1am, after a full day of shooting so while I try to be accurate, sometimes I screw up. I shot a LOT more signs and buildings in Wabash and Marion and all over Indiana on this trip than what you seen represented in the blog or at Flickr. What I post to Flickr at night is just a dozen or so photos from the same day. The real work begins when I get home and hunker down to adding stuff into the website. I took more than 4,000 photos on this trip (only a couple hundred went to Flickr). I’m working on getting several hundred photos from Indiana into the website right now. It’ll probably take another week since lots of research also goes into each place.

  4. Hi Roadsidenut! I found you via the image of the BBQ on wheels in Google images. I needs some foundation to do a cartoon I wanted to do. I used the image to create this….
    I link you in the post when I found it in Flickerview tagged Roadsidenut…both are linked.
    If you feel that you would like me to take it down for any reason, please feel free to let me know, and I will do so per your request.
    I hope all is well with you!
    BTW: Your photos are amazing!

    • Hi — Yes, that’s fine. It’s not a direct ripoff (photo used without permission or credit) — but a photo used for inspiration. I appreciate that you tried to credit me at your blog, but better links would be to the page you got it from:
      bbq mobile
      and/or to my website (where the bulk of my “work” is):


      Debra Jane Seltzer

      • Hi, and thank you.
        I did link the image to where I found it from. The tagged area and the site itself.
        I really appreciate you allowing me to do this and I should have asked first…my bad. Thank you so much!
        Have a great day, Debra!

      • Right — I appreciate your trying to do the right thing. But if you go to those links (Flickr river and the roadsidenut section) — they don’t take you to the photo itself — just to a mess of random photos. I would usually prefer my website be credited instead. But in this case — since it was inspired directly by that particular photo, that’s probably what should be included.


        Debra Jane

      • I got all the links in now. If you don’t care for the way I present it, please let me, know.
        Once again. Thank you very much! 🙂

  5. I’m from Huntington and Fort Wayne. I hope you had the Pork Tenderloin at Nick’s Kitchen. That’s what they are famous for.
    That large wooden facade was erected by the regional department store chain Wolf and Dessauer in the 60s as an attempt to “modernize” an old facade. They went out of business a long time ago. I’m surprised that the wood is still there. Lots of inertia in IN.
    Did you visit the only Vice Presidential Museum in the USA in Huntington, the Dan Quayle Museum? That’s his home town!

    • I’m vegetarian. Food is a very low priority to me especially on these trips. I try to maximize every minute of daylight on shooting and wearing out my dogs. At night, I’m busy uploading to Flickr and this blog. I don’t usually get to bed until about 2am on these trips — and then I’m up again at 6am to start it all again.

      I don’t usually go to museums unless they have signs or some rare fiberglass statues. The focus of my website (and blog) is on buildings, signs & statues. So that’s pretty much what I focus on during these trips.

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