Day 12: Northeast Indiana

I was running really, really late last night.  Then, I had internet hook-up problems.  So I gave up and went to bed.  Let me see if I can’t sneak in a quick post before the sun comes up.

The dogs got by with fields and ponds and rivers today.  No official dog parks.  Nik did something to his foot or his leg at a pond.  It was shallow and he was running back and forth for ballie. Then all of a sudden just stopped & froze.  Finally, he got the toy and came to me on three legs.  I checked and there was a little blood between two toes but nothing major.  Possibly pulled something?  I had him do various stretching exercises while reaching for cheese, turning, little hops.  Couldn’t have been a tear or he’d have been in more pain.  Luckily, he seems fine today.  I’ll try to keep the exercise to a minimum and use squeaky toys that he prefers to suck on rather than chase.

Weather was kinda crummy a good part of the day.  No rain but grey.  A few hours of nice clouds again.

I don’t think I’d been to Richmond before.  At least not downtown.  There were some nice old Main Street shop storefronts such as these:



And these neat tiles (?) between the brick sidewalk and the street.  Anybody know what these are?


This cute owl waved at me in Muncie.  From the sign style, the general shape of the building, and the size of the parking lot, I’m assuming this was a supermarket.


This sign was also in Muncie.  Why are mannequins so creepy?


Another one in Cammack at a replica or overly spruced up gas station.  Obviously, this is a Mayberry RFD TV show themed car — and I guess that’s supposed to be Andy?


This long-closed drive-in was in Muncie.  This shot is from the backside.  The front had windows filled with junk — not sure if it was previously (or still) an “antiques” shop or someone’s private home.  So this side made for better presentation and had better sun anyway.  The rooftop fins appeared all jumbly no matter where you looked at them from.


A ghost sign from Anderson.  It looks to be “real” (vintage not some modern repro-y thing).  I love all the different font sizes.


I must’ve shot at least a half dozen Pizza King neon signs today.  I decided to pay tribute by getting a “small” (this was their smallest).  I’m not big on pizza — testimony that I’m not a native New Yorker I guess so it was hard to impress me.  I got my usual toppings here of olives and mushrooms.  It was about a B I guess.  But what was most interesting was the crust unlike any I’ve had before.  It was thin and crunchy and tasted just like matzoh.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, think unsalted Saltine cracker.


And lastly, a new phenomenon that I witnessed at a gas station.  At least I’m unfamilar with it anyway.  Or maybe they’re just not street legal in NY.  These kids had these mini motorcycles.  Sounded just like the real thing.  Or like loud lawnmowers at least.


Sun’s up — I’m outta here!

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