Day 14: Yet even more Northern Indiana

A somewhat frustrating day.  I had hoped to wrap things up in Indiana and get into Illinois.  But things just took for-ev-er.  Slow drivers and big trucks on two-lane country roads; construction; then Friday late afternoon getaway-traffic.  So I’m not far from where I started out this morning though I did do a big southward dip and a good northeast loop.  Even a naughty trek up to Michigan.  A Carpet Viking statue (see Flickr tonight) up there in Bangor that I promised myself I would go see if I had the time.  But since I didn’t have time, and I’ve fallen maybe two days behind schedule at this point, what the heck, I went to see him anyway.

The dogs got lots of swimming in. A big lake in Rochester and later “the beach” at Beverly Shores.  Nothing makes them happier than a good beach romp — and therefore, nothing makes me happier.  Itinerary be damned!  I’ll get to Missouri on another trip.

No food worth photoing — in fact, I’m not sure I had any sugar products today — horrors!  Considering I was looking at car bumpers, the backsides of trucks, stoplights, and cornfields 95% of the day, it’s a wonder that I have anything at all for you.  It kills me when the weather’s so nice and I have so little to show for it.

We started the day in South Bend.  Naturally, that’s where this one is from:


A swoopy bulb-encrusted arrow, also from South Bend:


Went to see both Bonnie Doon locations in Mishawaka — one that I needed to reshoot from a couple years ago and one that I have previously missed.  The building at this one appears to have originally been a bank:


Some other details — a sign in the parking lot:


And some fancy glass blocks above the order/pickup window:


Flickr member repowers has lots of nice examples of this type of block at his stream:

I came across some buildings in Toto today that had these as well:

Also in Toto, this cute woodpecker guy advertised for the North Judson Lumber Yard:


I’ve pretty much concluded that these round Ritter’s Frozen Custard buildings are new.  This one in a new shopping center in Warsaw confirmed it for me.  I’m too tired to check if these were inspired by an older building style in the chain.


I stopped by the Bird’s Eye View Museum in Wakarusa.  This basement has hundreds of miniature dioramas showing streets and buildings in Elkhart County, all handmade over the span of about forty years.  Unfortunately, the museum is not really open anymore since the creator is in poor health.  But a relative was kind enough to let me in for a peek.  The lights weren’t working so this was not an ideal situation for “Dee”. 



In the late afternoon, I stopped by Beverly Shores to check on the status of the houses there (the House of Tomorrow, the streamline moderne house, etc.) and get the dogs a beach run.  I’ve always loved this little train station there.  I only wish Photoshop had a “remove chain link” button.


10 thoughts on “Day 14: Yet even more Northern Indiana

  1. What an adorable house at Beverly shores, must be a distant cousin to the Hacienda.

    A “remove chain link fence” plug in would be great, as well as a “remove cars from in front of the building” “remove extraneous people from shot” 🙂

    • I’ll pay $500 for that software — maybe more! The Beverly Shores bldg is actually a train station — sorry for the confusion. I didn’t include photos of the World’s Fair houses but have some old photos of them over at my website. Not too much has changed but people seem to be living in the Cypress Log bldg.

  2. Glad you saw the 1933 World’s Fair houses. The California Cypress house is divine, and in May the Armco Ferro Enamel house was progressing nicely, thanks to the ironworker apprentices. The House of Tomorrow and the Rostone house are just sad, eh?

    • Yeah, I’ve seen them before but not much has changed apparently. People are living in the Cypress Log house. I’ll have a read around online to see what the latest news is when I add my newer photos to my webpage. I’m kind of glad that they haven’t become true tourist attractions yet as it would probably mean the end of my doggie beach access!

  3. There’s a twin to that Beverly Shores train station…it was once called Briergate Station and is located in Highland Park, IL.

    It was moved from where the tracks were – the tracks there now are solely freight and the station is a rental office for the self storage facility behind it.

    • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know there was a “twin”. I know very little about train stations / depots. I’ve been tempted to shoot them — but I already have too many categories at my website already.

  4. Ritter’s chain was started in Franklin Indiana. The orginal building was also circular. I am not certian of it’s open date, but I feel like it was the late 80’s. In the early 2000’s the chain took off andmany other circluar, blue roofed buildings emerged.

    • Thanks — yes, when I got home and added stuff to my site, I was able to do the research. The first was indeed built in Franklin in 1989. More photos & info at the bottom of this page:

      My blog is pretty much “live” — written at night after a very long day of driving from sunup to sundown. So there’s not much chance to dig up facts at 2am when I’m writing this stuff. Thanks for the info & I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. I’ll be hitting the road again — heading South for a month starting March 13.

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