Day 10: Daytona Beach, FL to Orlando, FL

OK — I’ve got a lot of catching up to do after my night off. Quite frankly, it’s all a blur. Yesterday seems like a year ago from all the driving I’ve done.  The dogs got one last run on the beach before I steered inland for the day. Tons of stuff in and around Orlando to take care of. The dogs also got to two dog parks. Paw Park in Sanford was smallish but well-fenced and lots of fun with a misting station, a giant fallen tree for the dogs to climb on, etc. The only other person there was a guy from Boston with his German Shepherd who was down visiting his son in Tampa. He’d found out about this park from a big book on offleash dog places. So, here we were, two out-of-towners, with this wonderful little place all to ourselves. The other dog park was really incredible: Fleet Peeples Park in Winter Park was huge with lots of trees, secure fencing all around, with one side completely open to an enormous lake. It was a welcome relief in the afternoon for everybody. Highs have been in the high 80s the past couple days.

But I have a LOT of photos to share with you so let’s get to it. I love these plastic clock signs but I don’t think I’ve ever seen or photo-ed any before. “Scottamus” has a few in his Flickr stream. This one is from Daytona Beach:


Lots of citrus groves and stores around the past couple days.  This one in Edgewater, FL:





This one is citrus-related:  a honey store, also in Edgewater.  I don’t know what happened to their great sign which I shot in 2005.


A detail of the small image above the door:


In Winter Park, I noticed these towering palm trees blocking billboard advertising space.  It’s nice to see that they are protecting the bases of the trees and letting, for once, nature triumph over man-made development.



Also in Winter Park, the towering remains of a sign.  Does anyone know the history of this thing (across the street from Skycraft)?  “…ists” = Tourists?


Another thing that’s been intriguing me — I’ve seen a lot of these super pylon-ed buildings in my travels in the past couple days.  They must’ve been part of a chain — but what?  Gas station?  Store?  Here’s one in Orlando:


And another in Orlando.  I imagine the roundie part was added later:


Just next door to this one, is this former station which I’m told was originally a Sinclair.  I guess the projection held a circular Sinclair logo like this?

More help from the locals needed.  This building is in Orlando — but just what was it originally? (on Orange Blossom Trail just below Colonial)


This sign in Orlando is a little scroungey but still neat.  That Ford Mustang was probably brand new when this sign was produced.


The security at Orlando’s “Gatorland” uses these cool gator-fied John Deere trucks.  Acutally, I believe John Deere calls this model the “Gator”.  But I don’t think you can buy them with this canopy — or can you?


This Orlando building was constructed in 2006 as the “Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies”.  It is enormous and has interesting shapes and patterns.  Try as I might, I could not get the whole thing in one frame.  Time to get a SLR camera with some mega wide angle I guess.


Towards the end of the day, I made a point to go see this creation.  The Monument of States is in Kissimmee:




A rarity for me, at home or on the road, I did a little socializing (hence the delay for this post).  I met JennRation Design (aka Jennifer) for dinner and had a great time. Over the years, I’ve emailed back and forth with a number of people who have similar interests. When I can squeeze it in, I try to meet one or two of these people on these trips. What a wonder the internet is!

13 thoughts on “Day 10: Daytona Beach, FL to Orlando, FL

  1. Good stuff DJ. I’ll be watching to see if you can track down the history on those pylon buildings. That first one sure looks like a drive in restaurant.

  2. Believe it or not the “ists” sign said “DENTISTS”. I think my bro might have a shot of it somewhere. The Googie looking building on 441 maybe an old Publix, there was an article about them in an old SCA Journal, I’ll see if I can dig it up and confirm.

    Great finds as usual!

    • Thanks for the info on these. Dentists, huh? It probably said something else before that? I don’t think I’ve seen a mid-century Publix like this before. I know I have that article at home — I only remember the Art Deco buildings.

  3. Yes, the “Dentist” sign was a gas station before. My friend Kenny, in Elementary school, father had that dentist and for the life of me at 6 years old i couldn’t comprehend why his dad would go to a garage for a dentist…,little did i know.

    Sadly the large row of palms are the evil ones, There are two sets of them. One on Lee Rd the Other on 17-92. They are to be the entrance to a new development. Which will destroy a dozen buildings on both road,..and some with rather intersting signs, NOT to mention a few hundred homes the developer, Dan Bellows let turn into slums, hence allowing the City of Winter Park…to say oh,..ok..well if your gonna make something nicer,…basically go ahead tear them all down. Its greed at its worse.

    • Thanks for the info. A gas station sign makes sense. Now, what of these “evil palms” — just that they are associated with the development or is there something more sinister about them? They don’t look like recent plantings but then I’m no expert on palm trees.

  4. LOL,..they haven’t yet killed or attacked anyone…but they will be the entrance to the developement, they have been there maybe two years,…but they would have been transplanted from a farm or something, and i suspect they are quite expensive. The developement has been kinda slow due to the economy AND the fact that there is no shortage of housing, …just high end modern apts, mix commercial and retail. If you go to windows live, they aren’t there…nor are they on google the satelite view, but if you go to the streetview at 1137 N Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL,..they look like they were just put in,..and they have since added more on Lee rd. The Developement will demolish an old Taco Tico building (now Fuji sushi) and an old Maryland Friend a Bubbalou-Bar b Q. Ehhh progress,…i suppose. Not the Tree’s fault

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