Day 11: Orlando, FL to West Palm Beach, FL

So this is my second post for the night and it’s nearly 1am but I am determined to catch up!

After some stops NW of Orlando, we skeedadled eastward back to the coast. Nik smelled the water coming and began his squealing routine. Which then gets Grem barking. And therefore, gets Grip barking. Fixie and I just stare at each other and shake our heads. I gave in many times today to this insanity. Nik and Grem did some surf riding for their ball/frisbee. While the older, more sensible dogs, stayed on shore with me. The water seems pretty warm though I won’t be going in. Although I grew up in Southern California, on the beach, I cannot swim.

On with the visuals. In Plymouth, there was this place, “DECO Gallery” which had mostly giant pottery but also a few odd items including this spaceship. There were little seats inside but I have no idea what it’s original use was:


The Budget Motel, certainly not it’s original name, had this neat canopy. I’ve never seen anything like it.  This is in Titusville.


The Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach has these huge, tacky but wonderful statues of various beach sports. I didn’t shoot the skateboarders and I think there were about 3 other statues.




This mid-century building in Cocoa Beach was originally a bank — which one, I don’t know.  To get to the drive-through teller, you drive between the legs.  You can make out the teller’s window on the right in this photo.  I’m not sure if today’s mammoth SUVs would fit in there.  I also don’t know what’s happening to this quirky building.  It appears abandoned.


What would a post be without at least a couple signs?  This one is in Melbourne, way behind “Hot Rayz Limousines”.  I don’t know what the sign is doing back there and barely visible.


This one, also in Melbourne, is at “Del’s Freez”.  I thought they added this plastic to simulate chocolate.  Later, I found out it was black drapery as the owner had passed away.


One last photo from Melbourne then in celebration of St. Pattie’s Day.  This was a quick grab out the window so it’s not the best quality or composition but I had to share these folks with you.  I don’t know how much they’d had to drink already (it was late afternoon) but they were yelling to strangers things like “Tis the Day!  Tis the Day!”.  Dig their shoes.


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