Day 10: Daytona Beach, FL to Orlando, FL [to come]

A busy day of photo-taking, dog romps, and a get-together in the evening with a Flickr friend. I’ll be back with a double dose of photos & details tomorrow night.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day in the meantime — this one from Jacksonville’s Killarney Shores:


6 thoughts on “Day 10: Daytona Beach, FL to Orlando, FL [to come]

  1. Sorry to torture you! I’ll upload some stuff tonight but then you’ll still have to wait weeks til I get everything up at the website. Flickr is only about 3% of what I shoot.

    • Happy St. Pat’s to you, too, Geoffrey! I hardly noticed it while driving around all day. Just a few bagpipers & such. I’m glad to be off the road now (8pm – early for me!) before the drunks get behind the wheel.

  2. Those pylon-ed buildings were Whataburger restaurants that were all over central Florida from the last fifties through the early seventies. The buildings weren’t much to look at, but they all had those pylons.

    • Thanks — I didn’t know Whataburgers ever had pylons. Do you have any photo links to any? The other people that commented or sent me emails seemed to think these were old Burger Kings & from the photos they sent, they looked pretty close.

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