Day 43: Grand Junction to Julesberg

We’ve hit some awful weather here in Colorado. It made yesterday’s ordeal look tame. We got a little break once we got over the Rockies and into Denver. So we went to Boulder for a little bit before darkness. Just long enough to shoot a couple things and get a romp in at the East Boulder Dog Park. After the stress of the snow, it was fun to just get out of the van, throw balls and get muddy. According to the Weather Channel on Sirius, the Midwest is getting hit hard with snow — not to mention tornados in Iowa. So I drove to Julesberg until it got scary again and called it a night. I only took a few photos for the website and the blog since I barely got off I-70. The rest of the trip will be all interstate. So I will probably just wait until I get home to post the rest of the photos here and at Flickr. I’d like to get us home a tad early (this weekend) with just stops for gas, coffee, peeing, and brief naps. But I won’t be stupid with this weather. Onward!

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