Day 42: Salt Lake City to Grand Junction, CO

The day started out in a civilized fashion as I had the chance to get together with another Flickr buddy that I had never met. I had breakfast with arts_enthusiast at a great little place, Lamb’s Coffee Shop, in downtown Salt Lake City.

When I left SLC, the weather got really ugly: grey, rain, sleet, snow. Somehow, I covered a lot of ground and got decent photos for the most part. The early evening trek across some mountains in CO was truly scary. All for the love of dinosaurs! What looked like a straight line on the map was actually a big climb and tight turns. No cell phone service in that area and hardly any other cars on the road. I’m relieved that it’s time to scurry home as there will probably not be any more of this off the beaten path nonsense. When I planned this trip, I thought the bad weather would be over and it would be safe to hit this part of the country in April. Now I know better!

A cute sign in Salt Lake City. I saw another sign later with the same design for a Ute Car Wash. The design below the Indian’s head with the “A” indicates that this is a reworked Sofspra car wash chain sign:


I’m a big Diet Coke drinker — but normally not THIS big. A gas station convenience store was having a special and the liter bottles were cheaper than the normal 20 oounce size. So I bought a couple of those instead. It was a comfort to know that if I were to break down in the boonies, at least I had an adequate supply of DC on hand.


I went to check out the International Peace Gardens in SLC, having heard that there were mini landmarks. I love small-scale, identifiable buildings. There was a small metal Eiffel Tower but it wasn’t really enough for me. There were a couple neat things anyway — and the adjacent empty park made for some good running for the dogs.


The Holiday Lanes in Heber City had a nice mid-century touch:


Unfortunately, a mini disaster has struck. The rest of the blog photos that I had prepared for this post were on what was left of my flash drive (the one that Grem had chewed up previously). Nik in his boisterous persistence of trying to get my attention, has snapped it in two with his busy feet. So I will have to finish this up later. To be continued…

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