Day 41: Fallon, NV to Salt Lake City, UT

A lot of long interstate stretches through Nevada today. Interrupted every hour or so with itty bitty towns with handfuls of neon signs. I seemed to be one of only a few cars on the interstate for awhile which seemed eerie. Then when I got near Imlay, it started snowing pretty hard and I figured that might be the reason why. For all I knew, the storm of the century was on its way. But luckily the snow passed and there were only flurries here and there. But it was a grey day. And dull. Thank goodness for satellite radio.

So not that many photos taken. Which means an early night for me. I could use one! Tomorrow, I’ll be busy snapping away again as I have some SLC stops and lots of other Utah stuff to get to.

This was my world for about 12 hours today. Makes you want to yawn now doesn’t it? Actually, there was some variation. As I got closer to UT, the mountains got bigger and the snow got thicker and lower.


Entertainment must be hard to find in Lovelock. Here’s a modified Jaguar:


This sad relic is in Winnemucca. I love saying that name.


Another forlorn gas station. I don’t recall seeing such a nice gas station sign before. I imagine it was neon originally. This one in Elko:


My evening was capped with a rendez-vous with a fellow Flickr-er. I met up with samwibatt for a brew here in SLC. When I can, I try to squeeze in visits with strangers that I have met on-line and seem to have simpatico with. I might get together with another internet pal tomorrow morning though I hate to give up shooting time during the day.

3 thoughts on “Day 41: Fallon, NV to Salt Lake City, UT

  1. Day 41, wow. That’s 6 weeks already. You have amazing stamina for driving. Don’t your photos from Virginia at the beginning of the trip seem like years ago?

    You are getting the most fabulous photos. When your roadtrip book comes out, I’ll be first in line to order an autographed copy!

    All the best to you and the pups for a safe and uneventful drive on the boring interstate across the midwest.
    –Gale (galechicago on flickr)

  2. My stamina is fed by the excitement of getting to see things that I’ve wanted to see for what feels like my whole life. I don’t even remember Virginia though. It does seem like a year ago. Glad you are enjoying the photos & following along. A damned shame that we didn’t get together!

    A very scary drive just now through the mountains in the snow in Colorado (at the blog later tonight or tomorrow morning) but we’re all in one piece. I think I’ll be hugging the interstate from now on.

    If you get me a book deal, then the series will be gratis for you.

  3. I’m bummed we didn’t get together, too. But I have a feeling our paths will cross again… somewhere, sometime on a neon journey.

    Be safe, my friend.

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